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Top Home Security Tips

Feeling safe in your home is extremely important. Protecting your valuables, loved ones, and yourself is a central concern for most people. Improving your home security is an important part of feeling comfortable and protected in your living environment. Home security involves a lot of different things, from home security systems to safeguarding valuables within the house and is, moreover, an ongoing process. While it is difficult to absolutely secure a home and not live within a fortress, there are a number of things that you can do to make your home more secure day to day


Have an Alarm Installed

A security alarm is a great way to reduce the possibility of break-ins. While no home security measure is ever going to completely eliminate the risk of robbery, an alarm system is a reliable deterrent. There are a lot of alarm companies and a range of options for home security alarm systems, so determine what suits your needs and have one installed.


Keep a Dog

Having a dog at home while you are away can be a great deterrent to would-be intruders. Much like an alarm system, a dog serves as a warning not to enter your home. Intruders are generally opportunists that want to get in and out of your house without being disturbed, so the sound of a barking dog will likely interrupt this process. The dog doesn’t have to be a large attack dog, but the more resonant the bark, the less likely someone will try to enter for a confrontation.


Trim Large Bushes and Hedges

Obstructions in front of windows such as large bushes can be problematic for home security. This growth can act as a barrier to conceal someone trying to enter your home through a window. Consider trimming this vegetation to prevent concealment and allow more visibility to your home. You can still maintain privacy with vegetation such as this, but keep it maintained.


Secure All Entrances

This seems obvious, but it can be easy to overlook potential entrances to your home and leave them vulnerable. Close and lock all doors and windows when leaving the house. Basement windows or windows left open during warm weather can be vulnerable to breaches.


 Install Fencing and a Security Gate

Having a fenced yard can be a good deterrent against intruders, and a security gate is an even better way to prevent unwanted entry into your property. Heavy wood or iron gates with locking mechanisms are great barriers to discourage intrusion. They can also look great around your property as a functional, aesthetic feature.


 Keep Sensitive Possessions in a Safe

Important documents, expensive jewelry, cash, guns, and any other very valuable items should be kept under lock and key in a quality safe. Gun safes are great for this since you can safely store your firearms and any other valuables as well. If your home is ever breached by an intruder, your most valuable possessions will be protected from theft within a sturdy gun safe.

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