Tips for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

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Tips for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Carrying a concealed weapon is a big responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. Those who are carrying for the first time or even those who have carried for years must still be well aware of the gun and the potential dangers it can bring. Follow these tips for carrying a concealed weapon to better ensure safety for you and all those around you.

Your Bodybodytypes

The size and shape of your body can determine what kind of concealed weapon you are able to carry. Women with a smaller frame may only be able to carry smaller weapons while men with a bigger build can carry heavier options. This is also determined by the clothing you wear. Wearing slightly baggier clothes when you carry can make it easier to hide a firearm at your waist, making it more comfortable and easy to access.


calibers The weapon you choose to conceal carry should not be so big that you don’t have control. The larger the caliber, it becomes more difficult to shoot accurately. Hopefully you will never have to use your concealed weapon in a life threatening situation, but if that day does come, it is vital to have an accurate shot. Choose a firearm that you have complete control over. Make sure you are familiar with the weapon by taking it to the shooting range and becoming familiar with the various parts well before you need it.

The Right Holster

holster The holster you choose to use can be determined by a number of factors. While it is important to always be aware of the weapon, you shouldn’t feel unnecessarily uncomfortable while carrying. Choose a holster in the place you most want to carry whether that be around the waist, around the ankle, around the chest, or another place. Your weapon should be easy to access in an emergency situation, but secured enough that others won’t notice.

Changing Seasons

carryinboot During the winter it is easier to conceal your weapon behind warm and bulky clothing, but during the summer it can be difficult to keep the firearm concealed. On the days you choose to carry during these hot months, make sure to wear looser clothing, and shirts that can remain untucked. This will help you to feel more comfortable when out of the home while still protecting your firearm.

Carrying a concealed weapon is a big responsibility, one that should not be taken lightly. Follow these tips when carrying to ensure you will be better prepared no matter the situation at hand. Keep safety in mind whenever exercising your right to conceal carry. When your firearms aren’t on your body you also need to keep safety in mind. Store your guns in a secure, reliable, and durable safe by GunVault. Contact us today at (800) 242-1055 with questions or inquiries.

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