The Proper Way to Grip a Handgun

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The Proper Way to Grip a Handgun

The Proper Way to Grip a Handgun

Maintaining the proper grip on your handgun is crucial. Anyone who owns a handgun, or who may come in contact with a handgun at any given time must be properly prepared to use one. In addition to understanding how to load and fire the gun, learning how to grip it is just as important.

Feeling Comfortable


The handgun should seem to you as an extension of your hand, feeling just as comfortable. The way you grip your gun will have a direct influence on the way you can aim, and thus the effectiveness of your shot. While this may not be as big a deal when using a handgun for recreational reasons, if you are ever put in a dangerous situation where you need the protection of your handgun, aim is everything. In addition to this, an improper grip will make it more difficult for you to work the safety, and has the potential of throwing your grip off.

While it is best for accuracy to use a two handed grip when shooting a handgun, you may also want to get comfortable with shooting with just one hand. Becoming familiar with your gun grip and where your hands need to be situated will help your reaction time in the actual situations.

The Proper Grip


Let’s talk about the two handed grip as it is the best way to grip your handgun. Each hand will have a distinct function in the grip. Your non dominant hand will be the support used to stabilize the gun. This will help to increase your accuracy, so make sure you have a strong grip on the firearm. With this hand, the higher it is on the grip with a straighter alignment, the easier it will be to absorb the shock. Make sure the web of your hand between the thumb and index finger is pressed tight near the top of the grip. Your arm should be straight down from the bottom of the gun. Make sure your wrist is straight, allowing it to absorb more of the recoil.

If there appears to be a break in your wrist, it is likely the gun grip is too large for your hand. Determine this before and either adjust your position on the gun or consider investing in a different firearm.

Your other hand should rest on the other side of the gun with the thumb supporting the side of the weapon. There are a few holding techniques that can be dangerous, and should be avoided. Don’t place your support hand underneath the gun in what is called tea-cupping. This will make the recoil even more difficult to control. In addition to this, avoid crossing your support hand’s thumb over top of your dominant thumb. This can injure these fingers on the recoil. Instead use it as additional support on the side.

Employing the proper grip is crucial when using this type of weapon. Become familiar with the grip on your handgun before a bad situation can occur. Doing this will ensure that should a disaster situation happen, you will be prepared with a more accurate shot.

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