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Teen Gun Safety Tips

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Teen Gun Safety Tips

Teen Gun Safety Tips

It doesn’t matter if you have a firearm in your home, there is a good chance your teen at one point or another will come into contact with one of these dangerous weapons. To protect your child, it is important that you teach them about gun safety, especially during this stage of their life. Make sure your child knows the proper way to protect himself should a dangerous situation occur at school, with friends, or even in the home.

Take Away the Mystery

By making a firearm taboo, children may start to think of them as a mysterious thing, something that they seek out because they are forbidden. If you have guns in your home, it is likely your child knows about them. Take the time to explain to them the workings of the gun, emphasizing the importance of safety. Once your child is old enough take them shooting with you at the range. By the time they are a teenager, they should understand a great deal about your specific firearms and the safety behind them.

Be an Example

Teaching can only get you so far, it is important to also be a good example to your child on the proper techniques of gun safety. You should always practice the same steps of gun safety you’d want your child to follow. Always be an example in how you speak about, handle, and react to guns. Children pick up more than we realize, and we must act appropriately.

Watch Where Information Comes

So many media sources are teaching kids things about guns and violence, some of which are accurate and others are far from the truth. Between video games, television, and friends, the perception of firearms can be skewed. Make sure that your children know they can talk to you about these things, their fears, or the information they have heard from others. Help your child understand that these portrayals of firearms aren’t always accurate.

Teaching your teens gun safety is crucial. Make sure they understand the importance of gun safety, and know by the time they reach these important years how to protect themselves. Too many accidents happen within this age group with firearms. Make sure your child is properly informed to prevent accidents.

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