Teaching Pre-Teens Gun Safety

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Teaching Pre-Teens Gun Safety

Gun safety is crucial for every age. Your pre-teen will soon be reaching the age where they are ready to go to junior high and then on to high school where the presence of guns may be more likely. Make sure to properly teach your pre-teen about gun safety so that when they do come into contact with one of these dangerous weapons they will be ready to react safely.

Getting Older

As your child gets older, there will be more opportunities for them to be exposed to firearms. Kids are curious by nature, and together with peer pressure may do things they previously might not have done. Have open lines of communication with your children, even if you yourself don’t have a firearm in the home. Whether through their friends or through media sources, your child will learn about these and if confronted under the wrong circumstances may make a bad decision if they don’t have all the right information. Teach your child age appropriate gun safety before their view of guns is influenced by other sources.

Coming Into Contact

You aren’t going to be with your kids everywhere they go. If you have kids, never leave a loaded gun in the home. In addition to this, lock up all firearms inside a secure safe. Make sure that only you know the combination to this is and your young children cannot access it. If by some chance your children do come into contact with a firearm unattended out of the home, make sure they know how to properly react. Teach them to not touch the gun, instead leaving the area and telling an adult immediately. Doing this will prevent an accident from occurring. Make sure your child will not give into peer pressure, and instead can be the voice of reason.

School Shootings

An unfortunate number of school shootings have occurred in the past couple of years, raising questions about gun control. No matter what side of the argument you fall on, there is no denying that education needs to improve. Make sure you talk with your kids in a calm way. There are many fears for both parents and children when it comes to this danger. In addition to this, address any issues your child may be having in terms of depression or mental illness. Getting these problems fixed from the beginning can be key in preventing disaster later down the road.

Make sure your pre-teen has a healthy and respectful understanding of guns. This is a crucial age to learn more about the importance of gun safety and the proper way to react around these potentially dangerous weapons.

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