Teach Your Kids Gun Safety in 4 Steps

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Teach Your Kids Gun Safety in 4 Steps

Teach Your Kids Gun Safety in 4 Steps

Teach Your Kids Gun SafetyGuns are present in more than one-third of U.S. households, and yet many children aren’t sure of what to do if they find one. In our movie and video game culture, many aren’t even aware of the immense – and potentially deadly – power that a firearm holds.

As a gun owner, it’s important to keep your gun safely secured in a safe, such as the Microvault. This will ensure that young children will never come into contact with your firearm without your direct supervision.

However, your child may still encounter an unsecured weapon at a friend’s house: failure to understand gun safety in this situation can be fatal. Teaching kids gun safety is really fairly simple – thousands of accidents per year could be prevented by simply conveying these four simple steps:

If you encounter a gun:

  1. Stop.
  2. Don’t touch.
  3. Remove yourself from the area.
  4. Tell an adult.

After teaching a child the basics of gun safety, it’s appropriate to role play or ask questions to ensure that they understand the simple process they should follow. Friends may not be as sensitive to gun safety as they are. It will be important for them to firmly refuse to approach a weapon without a trained and certified adult in the room.

But most importantly, take the first step toward keeping children safe in your home by securing your own firearms in a gun safe.

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