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Tactical Gun Safe Positioning in Your Home

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Tactical Gun Safe Positioning in Your Home

Tactical Gun Safe Positioning in Your Home

Everybody wants to be protected and feel safe in their own home. To do this, several families invest in guns. When you purchase a gun, it is also critical to purchase a safe for the gun so that the protection you’re aiming for doesn’t backfire. Make sure you are aware of all of the different types and specifications s so that you can choose the perfect gun safe that meets your needs. If it is important for you to have extremely quick access to your gun, a biometric gun safe may be the best option for you.

Once you’ve decided on a gun and gun safe, you must then consider the placement of your gun safe. Gun owners store their guns in a variety of different places depending on the layout of their home as well as their own preferences. Keep reading to learn about a few strategic positions you should keep your gun safe for maximum protection from intruders.

3 Recommendations for Tactical Gun Safe Positioning

Near the bed– Storing your gun safe near your bed is a smart call if you want quick and easy access to your gun at any time during the night. There are several different types of gun safes that can meet your specific needs. There are ones designed specifically for the drawer of your nightstand. There are also others that can be bolted to the side of the nightstand or even under the bed. No matter what kind of gun safe you want near the bed, this is a highly accessible and strategic option.

In the closet– The closet is another useful spot for your gun safe especially if you have a bigger gun. Highly concealable, there are many areas within your bedroom closet the gun safe can be kept such as under folded clothing, in between hangers, behind hanged clothes, on a shelf, the list goes on. You may also want to consider storing it in your coat closet near your front door if you want to access your gun in case you spot suspicious behavior on your property or get a strange knock on the door.

In a safe room or home office– If you have a safe room (aka panic room) in your home, this is a common place to keep your gun safe. If you do not have a safe room, think about creating one in your home so that your family has somewhere to go in case of an emergency. A safe room is preferably a room with limited windows yet somewhere that is easy to access from from many areas throughout the house. Families often choose the home office as a secure yet convenient option for a safe room and therefore a gun safe because the home office is usually not a targeted area for potential intruders and is easy to get to from different areas throughout the house.  There are gun safes that are compatible for your safe room and/or home office such as a safe that is kept under the chair or one that is installed on the side of the desk.

These ideal gun safe positions are all beneficial in different ways. Depending on your home’s location, layout, and where you spend your time will truly determine the best place for your gun safe. Take some time to think about these factors as well as your own preferences then weigh out your options from there.

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