Stock vs. Aftermarket Gun Accessories

Loyalty to what we know often has much deeper roots than the surface will reveal.

For instance, i’ve always had a particular interest in the colt 1911. It’s always stood out to me for some unapparent reason. I had always thought that my first pistol would be a 1911.

Last year my family suffered the loss of my grandfather. I remember, as a young child, visiting him and eating grapes off the vine from his back yard and gazing at his assortment of model trains. He was a huge John Wayne fan and a patriot with a love for our country. He was a veteran that served in the US Marine Corps.

When my grandfather passed he left my family with more than memories. I inherited a Beretta M9A1, my first pistol. The gun is at the top of it’s class, and is a choice weapon of elite operations such as the Navy Seals. You can learn more about the pistol here: .

While my interest in a 1911 has not changed, I have a profound new appreciation for Beretta and all that surrounds the brand. There is a cohesion to the legacy that my grandfather built. A legacy that is engraved in my DNA. The kinetic influence of the inherited pistol has all but overshadowed my interest in a 1911. I have a newfound respect for the pistol and the Beretta brand.

When thinking about accessories for the gun, there is no question to where my first look will be.

I’m sure that there are many great brands that offer quality aftermarket gun accessories. But to be considered alongside name brand accessories they’ll need to live up to some high quality standards.

What’s your take? Do you have a favorite brand that you stand by? Maybe some aftermarket accessories that make the firearm all that it is?