We can all help prevent suicide and together we can all bring awareness to suicide prevention. man with depression thinking of suicide

Did you know that suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States?* Half of these deaths occur with a firearm. As responsible firearm owners, it is our duty to help reduce this number. Seeing the warning signs, understanding the risk factors and learning more about firearms safety and storage will help promote awareness and bring us to a better understanding of suicide prevention.

Suicide Warning Signs

The three biggest suicide warning signs are talk, behavior, and mood.

The most important thing you can do to help prevent suicide is being aware; by listening to the ones around you talk, watching their behavior and responding effectively to their moods. It is more common than not, that someone who is suicidal will possess one of the warning signs. So, start today by listening, watching and responding to those around you.

Risk Factors

Unfortunately, there are factors that lead to suicide. Mental health, environmental factors, and historical factors are the most common. Mental health can be anything from mental to physical health conditions such as traumatic brain injury or pain injuries. As for environmental factors, these are found more often in stressful life cycles such as a divorce or bullying. Lastly, previous suicide attempts or family members who have attempted in the past are historical risk factors. Understanding these risk factors will help you see the signs of others struggling at any given point in their life.

Prevention Programs

Click to view PDF from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Retailers and range owners play an important role in educating others about firearm protection and utilizing safes for all firearms. Keeping your firearms locked and unloaded is the first step in ensuring no one can access them without the owner. Being a responsible firearm owner comes with great responsibilities, including owning a gun safe or other forms of secure storage for guns. There are many options you can choose from that will fit with your lifestyle and help prevent unwanted access to firearms. GunVault offers a wide range of firearm safes and secure storage solutions. You can shop by safe type (digital, biometric, or key lock) as well as by solution (including but not limited to home, portable, and car safes).

As we have learned, there is no single cause to suicide but as a whole, we can be proactive in securing our firearms and being there for the ones we love in times of need. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention continues the conversation and has many resources available.

Stay safe!

*Statistic from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention