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Safely store firearms and protect valuables in your home. A GunVault house safe comes in various sizes to meet your protection and storage needs. Shop our collection of home gun vaults and safes for home valuables.


  • AR15 gun safe




    The AR Vault provides a safe and secure storage for your standard AR-style rifle. The 18-gauge steel housing is specifically designed to fit the AR platform with Delta Ring forearm attachment. The AR Vault comes equipped with pre-drilled holes for discreet mounting onto any wall or flat surface. Download the AR1000 User Manual
  • AR-15 safe


    The ARB1000 is the first of its kind with the revolutionary dual access entry feature that allows you to open your device with both biometric and digital keypad in one. The ARVault provides secure storage for standard AR-style rifles. The 18-gauge steel housing is specifically designed to fit the AR platform with Delta Ring forearm attachment. The ARVault comes equipped with pre-drilled holes for discreet mounting onto any wall or flat surface. Download the ARB1000 User Manual  
  • portable safe small gun safe




    The MicroVault is considered one of the best car gun safes on the market, it is strong and sturdy yet it remains lightweight. It is built strong and durable with a 20-gauge steel exterior and foam lining that ensures your gun and other items are not damaged. Its dimensions make it ideal to store your handgun and few small items thus boosting versatility. Download the MV500 User Manual
  • gun safe vault biometric gun safe


    GunVault pistol safes are truly premium products that set the standard for the rest of the industry. The MVB500 can handle a maximum of 20 unique fingerprints.  It comes standard with a 4-foot security cable that allows you to tether it to a fixed object, making it perfect for home and travel. Download the MVB500 User Manual
  • portable car safe gunvault gun safe


    The MicroVault XL 1000 was designed to make portable security simple. This product has a unique notebook style design that allows you to take your handgun or valuables with you. It is compact enough to fit inside a briefcase or backpack where the contents can be quickly accessed with GunVault’s Patented No-Eyes ® Keypad. Download the MV1000 User Manual  
  • portable car safe portable firearm safe

    MVB 1000

    The MicroVault XL Biometric uses fingerprint recognition to access the safe contents. A high-performance algorithm is used to achieve speedy identification of enrolled fingerprints and provide the maximum security available. Download the MVB1000 User Manual
  • biometric gun safe biometric gun safe


    The MiniVault Biometric uses fingerprint recognition to allow access to the safe contents. Because fingerprints are unique to every individual, biometric gun safes provide a higher level of security all while providing the quickest access possible. Instead of having to input a code to enter your safe, the optical biometric scanner in the MiniVault requires just a touch of the finger and access is granted to the contents of your safe. Download the GVB1000 User Manual
  • small firearm vault gun vault safe


    The unique patented No-Eyes® Keypad allows for quick, safe, easy access and programming. The motion detection with audio alarm will alert you in case of tampering. As an added bonus the deluxe model comes equipped with a power connection for external AC power supply and interior lighting. Download the GV1000D User Manual
  • smal handgun safe small firearm safe

    GV 1000S (Standard)

    The Standard MiniVault offers great value with practical features like a digital keypad, 16-gauge steel construction, and soft foam lining. With a compact design and endless mounting options, the MiniVault was built for keeping your most important valuables right where you need them. Download the GV1000S User Manual
  • biometric firearm safe biometric gun safe for sale


    The MultiVault Bio offers the safety of our standard and deluxe models with the added benefit of a code-less quick access fingerprint scanner. Gain entry into your safe without having to remember a code while under stressful situations; simply use your fingerprint to open the safe. With a 20 user capacity, it's the fastest smartest way to store your handguns or valuables. Download the GVB2000 User Manual
  • gunvault gun safe and vault gunvault firearm vault


    Step up from the MiniVault to the MultiVault Deluxe for even more storage space. The MultiVault has an interior shelf to securely store multiple handguns and valuables. The strong 16-gauge housing makes a durable exterior to keep your items safe and the soft foam lining inside protects from scratches and damage. Download the GV2000D User Manual
  • gunault firearm safe gunvault safe


    The MultiVault Standard is rock-solid construction made of heavy gauge steel to give you the best security on the market. Interior Removable Shelf gives you extra storage and organizational space with the protection you expect from GunVault. Download the GV2000S User Manual
  • quick access gun safe fast access gun safe




    Are you looking for a quick way to keep your handgun safe and secure? Check out the SpeedVault digital quick access gun safe. Keep your handgun safe, secure and ready for action with the SpeedVault quick access gun safe. Offering a revolutionary design, the SpeedVault digital quick access gun safe is equally as fast as it is discreet. It is the ideal choice for a home or business looking for added security. Download the SV500 User Manual
  • biometric fast gun safe fast biometric gun safe


    The SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric is the ideal quick access gun safe that allows you to use your own fingerprints as your unlocking code. This fingerprint handgun safe’s revolutionary design and discreet feel makes it a great fit for both your home and business. Get that added bit of security you’re looking for with the SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric. Download the SVB500 User Manual
  • XTRMVault



    The leader in premium portable security solutions has raised the bar again! GunVault’s XTRMVault boasts a tamper-resistant locking mechanism held tight to a 16-gauge steel body with an 11-gauge steel door, making this new member of the GunVault family top of its class. This safe securely stows handguns or valuables and allows quick, secure access with its patented NO-EYES® keypad. The reliability and ease of portability make this the ideal security solution for the home, the road, or as you travel. User-friendly features include pre-drilled mounting holes, a digital programmable access code with key lock back up and two backup keys. This product is backed by GunVault’s exclusive 5-year replacement promise for fire and burglary. Download the EXV1000 User Manual