Planning on Gifting a Gun This Holiday Season?

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Planning on Gifting a Gun This Holiday Season?

If you are thinking about purchasing a gun for someone else this holiday season, you need to be educated about the process.

Being Smart about Gifting Guns

Gifting a gun to an adult child or spouse is not illegal in most states, but you first need to establish that they:

  • Are legally allowed to own a gun
  • Have a weapons permit
  • Have the necessary safe to go along with it (if that is state required)

You also cannot give an assault rifle to adult children. And, if you gift a handgun to either a spouse or an adult child, you must register it in their name, which might require a fee and some paperwork, depending on the state regulations.

Making Sure the Weapon is Secure

The last thing you would want is for there to be a terrible accident due to the fact that the gun you gifted was not secured properly. If you are planning to gift a gun, you might want to consider getting a gun safe as well. This will help protect the gun so it will only ever be in the hands of the person who owns it.

Some states require that the gun is secured in an approved safe, so make sure that you look up the state regulations before purchasing one.

Have a good time this holiday season, and be safe about gifting guns!

By Kassandra Konecny

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