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Here at GunVault we love getting good reviews from well—just about anyone!  So, you can imagine how pleased we were to find this great review regarding our GunVault Firearm Safe at is a useful tool for anyone that is passionate about 4 wheeling, Jeep obstacle course racing and the like.  This website provides easy access to a vast amount of information regarding ‘How to Choose an ATV Winch’ or tips on how to find the best offroading equipment on the market.

Since so many offroaders spend a lot of their vehicles often times they need protection such as a GunVault Firearm Safe.  Here’s what had to say about our product:

GunVault Firearm Safe (by
Most vehicles offer little in the way of secure locations within to store valuables and personal possessions without going to the aftermarket. When you take a look at the 4×4 vehicles found on the trail such as the highly modified 4x4s and vehicles with softops, secure storage spots can be a challenge. The aftermarket has offered great storage options for valuables for years now but none have seriously addressed storage of firearms like GunVault has. Many times the reality is when you travel offroad into remote areas, especially those where dangerous wildlife can be concern, security of your person can be as much of a priority as your property. Returning to civilization also means you want to have that firearm securely stored but not inaccessible because you just never know. You got that carry permit for a reason.

GunVault has taken firearm security to a new level by integrating a patented No-Eyes Keypad and Bio pad to provide lightning-quick access, even in the dark. Their GunVault Mini is the most compact of their quick access models and is ideal for mounting on your vehicle using the pre-drilled mounting holes in the 16 gauge steel case. Beyond the Mini they also have larger models that incorporate the same No-Eyes Keypad and Bio pad or the HomeVault when you want space for additional valuables. Take a look at the key features GunVault offers:

  • Outside is constructed of 16-gauge steel.
  • Soft foam on the inside protects valuables.
  • High-Strength lock mechanism performs reliably, time after time.
  • Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.
  • Built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries.
  • Tamper indicator alerts you to invalid entry attempts.
  • Motion detector with audio alarm helps guard against direct tampering
  • (Mini Deluxe model)
  • Audio low battery warning helps guard against unexpected power loss
  • (Mini Deluxe model)
  • Battery power provides maximum security and easy portability.
  • Optional high-strength security cable secures GunVault in home, car, RV, office or motel.
  • Mounts almost anywhere, in any direction.
  • “Learn buttons” make it easy to program over 12 million user-selectable access codes.
  • Interior courtesy light makes for more convenient access (Mini Deluxe model)
  • Power connection jack for external AC or DC power supply (Mini Deluxe model)
  • Conveniently located keypad is easy to use.
  • Unique No-Eyes Keypad allows for quick access.
  • Audio feedback confirms each correct keypad entry.
  • Audio disable option adds the security of operating in silent mode.

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