Is Your Safe Really Safe?

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Is Your Safe Really Safe?

The idea of an intruder breaking into your home and pulling a gun on your family is a terrifying thought, yet it’s a possibility that must be considered. Now, what if a loved one was accidently injured or killed by your own gun in your own home? This is an equally disturbing thought, but if you own a gun, whether it’s for protection, hunting, or a collector’s item, it’s also a possibility.

As a gun owner, your first order of business is to ensure your firearms are stored in a manner that will keep everyone, such as curious children and teens, safe from accidents, and that they are not easily accessible to intruders who can use your own weapon against you.

Case in point: if you don’t have a gun safe, now is the time to get one!

However, not all gun safes are created equal. If you already own a gun safe or are just shopping around, you want to challenge its security features depending on your needs and its reliability.  So, ask yourself: does it have precise fittings to keep out unwanted hands? Does it come with indicators to notify you if it’s been tampered with? What about high-strength locking mechanisms? Other items to consider:

How does it lock?

Access systems can vary from combination locks, key locks, touch pads, and biometric fingerprint recognition. Some combination locks can be discovered with a few guesses, and curious teens may see any item with one as a fun challenge to try and ‘crack the code’. Note: biometrics is the new innovation in gun safe technology and provides faster and more secure access than ever before!

What is it made of?

What your safe is constructed of is highly important. There is a big difference between a gun safe and a gun case.  You want your gun safe rock-solid and impenetrable from common hand tools. Any optimally-designed safe is constructed from high-gauge steel.

Is it reliable?

When choosing a gun safe you want to make sure that not only the equipment checks out, but also the manufacturer. So, do some research!

In July, GunVault’sMicroBioVault was honored as “Safety Product of the Year” by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence.  This is only one of our high quality products: the GVB1000 or GBV2000 are both great options for storing your hand guns at home. At GunVault you can expect a variety of reliable features from biometrics to high-gauge steel.

Remember, if your gun is easily accessible with a guess of a combination or hand tools, your safe is not really safe.  Note: always check your equipment out immediately after purchasing to ensure there are no defects!

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