How To Securely Store Large Guns

If you are a hunting enthusiast, you know that storing long guns conveniently and securely can be a real challenge. The easiest way to keep your firearms in pristine condition as well as away from curious little hands is through the use of high quality gun safes such as those offered from GunVault’s sister brands, Cannon Safe & Stack-On. Here are some tips for how to securely store your large guns along with how to position them correctly.

Tip #1: Choosing Your Safe

The storage system you select depends entirely on the size of your gun collection as well as your own personal tastes. Some safes look like fine furniture while others are completely constructed with high gauge steel. Keep in mind that a display case is not a safe. Period. Access systems vary from combination locks to biometric designs: all of which are engineered to keep your firearms out of the wrong hands while optimizing convenience for you.

Tip #2: Storing Your Guns Properly

Many long gun owners store their firearms with the stock down: however, most experts agree that storing them barrel down is a much better plan. When you store your guns with the stock up, it frees up valuable floor space in your safe. Additionally, excess oils and any harmful condensation will drain out and away from fragile wood parts. Lint-free padded interiors, such as those found in Gun Vault products ensure that your gun barrels are protected from scratches and contamination. To optimize space and to minimize wear and tear on any one set of guns, take the time to periodically switch out the positioning of your individual firearms in the storage compartment.

Tip #3: Keeping Guns Pristine

After a hunting or target shooting trip, make sure to wipe your guns down thoroughly and allow them to completely air dry before putting them away in the safe. Guns should be stored unloaded and ammunition kept in a dry and secure location such as on a shelf within the safe itself.

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