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How to Reload Ammo

How to Reload Ammo

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The price of ammunition is rising, as well as becoming more difficult to find. With this problem becoming more of a reality for many gun owners, learning how to reload ammo is catching on. This is a valuable skill to learn. By doing this, you will save money on the case of the bullet.

What Can be Reloaded?

Not every case can be reloaded, and this is an important consideration to think about before planning ahead. Learn the difference between the types of bullets you use, and which one will work the best. Almost all brass cases are reloadable, while steel and aluminum cases cannot be reloaded in most situations. Brass bullets were made to be reloaded in many ways, making it wasteful to not take advantage of this option. Follow all the steps of reloading brass casings to ensure it is done properly.

Reloading a Brass Casing

To properly reload a brass casing, follow these steps to ensure it is done right. To do this yourself, you will need a reloading press, primers, bullets that match the size of the shell, and powder that fits with your shell. Do the research for what you have to determine whether you have the correct materials. This will cut down the costs of your ammunition, making it easier to use and find:

  1. Before doing anything else, make sure there are no problems with the structural integrity of the casing. If there is any bulging, dents, or cracks, just throw it away.

  2. Clean the casing with a cloth to get rid of powder and dirt that has been left behind.

  3. Put the case you are working with into the loading press with the handle in the upward position. Remove the used primer by lowering the handle, then raising it back up.

  4. Take the case and put it into the reloading tray. Make sure to repeat the process with all the cases you are planning on working with.

  5. Put the new primer into the case. Put this into the shell holder.

  6. Use the right powder in the case. The weight of the powder will vary and it is important to get this right. Weigh out the right amount of powder for each individual case.

  7. Use seating die to push a bullet to the right depth through the neck and crimp the shell. The shell holder should be able to do this properly.

  8. Coat gun oil on your dies and ram after reloading the ammo

Following these steps will help you to effectively reload your brass casing. Make sure after finishing to place the ammunition in a secure location stored away from your firearms. Store in a dry, cool location to keep it safe and usable.

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