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Home Defense

Home Defense

Home Defense

Keeping your home protected in case of emergency situations is critical for many homeowners. Rather than allowing your belongings and your family come into jeopardy, be prepared with your home defense. There are a few things that must be done to get the best protection possible.

The Locks


Although it may seem simple, a surprising number of burglars enter a home because of an unlocked door or an open window. Although you can’t live in constant fear, make sure to lock your door at night, and whenever you are away. Even these simple things can help keep you safe.

Be aware of your home, and the locks you have on your doors and windows. Security lights can be installed in addition to deter people from entering your property at night. Even with these simple tactics, there are more advanced ideas that should be used.

The Best Weapon

 handgun GunVault (August portable)

Many homeowners are investing in a firearm to keep their homes protected. There are many options available, choose the best one for you in case of a worst case scenario. For those who are investing in their first home defense gun, a pump action shotgun, or a simple pistol may be the best option.

For home defense, you want something that is easy for you to handle, and accurate should you need it. For many, a simple shotgun is easier to shoot, and often has a better shot than a handgun. If you would prefer a handgun over a rifle, choose either a .380 or a 9mm that is a bit bigger. These both will have less of a kick, and be easier to handle for beginners.

The Safe

 gunvault sept featured

When you are not using your gun, it is important to keep it in a safe. This will keep it protected not only from those breaking in while you are away from your home, but also keep kids and others protected from it. Where you place your gun safe could make all the difference.

You can have multiple safes, one for your gun collection, and the other for your home defense weapons. For your home defense weapons, keep them in an out of the way, yet easy for you to reach place. Your bedroom is an optimal place for quick access in bad situations.

Be aware of your home, and make sure it is protected in the best way possible. If you take these steps beforehand, you will feel more confident and safe in your own home. For your safe needs, contact us at GunVault. We can help find the perfect handgun safe for you, to keep your home defense weapon close.

By +Cassie Costner

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