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Secure Gun Storage and Quick Access Gun Safes

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Secure Gun Storage and Quick Access Gun Safes

Gun Storage: Keeping Your Gun Safe Secure and Accessible

Owning and storing guns at home is a balance of safety and accessibility. You want to make sure that your guns are secured in a safe place, but also accessible when you need them. Achieving that balance comes down to having a quality, reliable gun safe and storing it in a secure location. Certain guns like rifles or shotguns are more suitable for certain forms of storage–such as gun lockers or vaults. These types of safes require a dedicated storage area as they are heavy, large, and can require a lot of effort to relocate. Deciding where to locate your gun safe is a strategic decision and one that can have implications in accessibility. Gun vaults will likely be stored in a more fixed location because of their size and contents. Smaller safes, however, can be relocated and stored in a wider range of areas.

Conceal & Strategically Locate

Smaller floor gun safes or drawer safes can be strategically located in areas of the home where you spend a lot of time. Gun safes beneath a bed or in a closet are popular locations. Safes in these places can make guns easily accessible but still secure against tampering. Often, a good option is to disguise the safe or conceal it so it is not as obviously visible when you enter a room. Safes with bio-metric locks can also be efficient options for certain well placed safes. These locks enable easy opening while ensuring that the safe is totally secured and can only be opened by you or others recognized to have access. For quick unlocking and retrieval, bio-metric locking safes are some of the best designs for safes in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Invest in Quality

A gun safe is only as effective as its materials and construction. No matter how well positioned and concealed the safe, if it is out in the open and of poor quality, it may be more easily breached or stolen. The point of a safe is to create a deterrent for potential tampering or theft. A high quality gun safe will be an investment that pays for itself in continued security for your most valuable guns and possessions. A reinforced steel safe with multiple varieties of lock and an anchor point to bolt to the floor will be a larger investment, but more secure overall. Two types of locks will provide added security against breaches and an anchor point will help prevent the safe from being removed and stolen.

Between a high quality gun safe and a secure, discreet location, protecting your protective weapons can be a safe and practical process. Maintaining a gun safe at home is essential for safe gun storage. No matter how well you think you may have hidden a gun, someone could find it–a child, an intruder, etc. Locking you guns in a secure safe is the single most important part of responsible gun ownership. Just make sure that the safe is up for the job and that it is located in a out of the way or concealed space inside the house. An investment in guns requires an equal investment in storage.


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