Everyone’s situation and experience with firearms is different. Some people grow up around firearms as children and others never see one in real life, ever. Some people are highly engaged in shooting sports and others are nervous at the thought. Whatever your story is, we want to hear it, and so does everyone else. The more we know about firearms and the situations that involve them, the safer we are.

Keep reading to hear about a story from an avid shooter and responsible firearm owner.

I grew up as a law enforcement officer’s daughter and I am proud of the lessons it has taught me. little girl hugging a police officer

My father had a specific routine when he would come home after a shift. He would walk through the front door, take off his boots and immediately walk to our home office where he would open up his gun safe and place his gun inside before heading to change. It was a routine that became so normal for our family that I never thought twice about it. As time went on and I began to grow up, I started to become much more curious about firearms and why my father’s routine never changed. He could just skip heading to the office to place his gun in the safe and instead change first then place his gun in the safe. But he never did.

One afternoon when he had just gotten off a shift and was sitting in the kitchen I asked him about his after-work routine. He told me it was just his habit and safety for his family was the priority when he gets home from work. I thought a lot about this and finally asked him if he could teach me how to handle a firearm. He seemed surprised and thrilled all at the same time. The next day we were at the shooting range set up for a morning of lessons. We did this every other week for months and once I was comfortable at the range.

Later down the road, when I moved out of my childhood home and into my first apartment, I never stopped enjoying my time at the range. I purchased my first handgun and along with it my first GunVault safe, the same one my father always had. As I grew into my own ways my pride of using a gun safely hasn’t changed.

Now you may not be surprised by my current normal routine. When I come home from the range I take off my boots, head to my room where my GunVault handgun safe is located and set my gun inside, just like my father did. I appreciate the knowledge I have gained from my father utilizing responsible firearm storage and will continue to instill that in my life as well as my future children, just like my father did.