When it comes to gun safety, communication is key. However it is important to note that knowing when to stop communication is also an essential part of the equation. Before you conceal carry a firearm, or even before just owning your own gun, learn the necessary methods of communication, for the safety of you, your family, and everyone around. These open lines of communication will be instrumental in turning a dangerous weapon into a useful and important asset.


Teaching your kids from a young age about firearm safety will be key in preventing terrible accidents down the road. Kids are naturally curious about the things they don’t know much about. The child who comes across a weapon who has had open conversations with their parents about guns will have a much different reaction than one who has not.

If you are going to have firearms in your home, your first responsibility should be to have a safe place to store them away from prying hands. A quality gun safe is the best option. For those who have kids, teaching them about firearm safety becomes just as important. Let them know this weapon is not a toy and they will not treat it as one. While you shouldn’t instill fear in your child, teaching them a healthy respect can be done through proper communication.

Others in the Home

Some people have grown up in homes with guns, while others are just becoming acquainted as adults. If your spouse did not grow up with guns, or hasn’t had too many interactions with firearms, they may be nervous at first. Make it a priority to teach them about the specific guns in your home, how they function, their safety mechanisms, and how to properly store them.

You can never have too much information, even if you feel that you are experienced with guns, take a class together with your spouse to help you both become even more familiar. This will put you both at ease with the fact that a firearm is locked in your home. Keeping the open lines of communication will ensure everyone will feel more comfortable here.

Outside Interactions

While you have a right to both own and carry a firearm, it isn’t something that you should necessarily advertise on a large scale. Only trusted friends and family should be privy to the information, keeping everyone safe. Boasting can lead to others around you to feel fearful when you should strive to put others at ease. Be respectful of others, knowing when it is better to communicate and when it is best to just stop talking.

Learning to communicate or refrain from communicating is crucial when it comes to firearm safety. Those living in the home with a gun should be aware of its presence, and feel comfortable with the weapon. By keeping open lines of communication, this can be achieved.