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Growing Up with Firearms

Everyone’s situation and experience with firearms is different. Some people grow up around firearms as children and others never see one in real life, ever. Some people are highly engaged in shooting sports and others are nervous at the thought. Whatever your story is, we want to hear it, and so does everyone else. [...]

Revolver or Semi-Automatic?

When it comes to guns we have our favorites and for specific reasons. We have looked at the basics of the revolver and the semi-auto based on their benefits and drawbacks. Some of the advantages are also disadvantages of the revolver and semi-auto. Take a look at some of the characteristics that make these [...]

How Anyone Can Benefit from a Safe

How Anyone Can Benefit from a Safe The benefits of having a safe are varied and numerous. Safes often have an association with banks and fortified mansions sporting thousand pound vaults, but a much broader range of people can benefit from a safe than financiers and people with stacks of gold and weapons at [...]