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Have Your Gun Accessible and Protected in a Gun Safe!

Guns are both very useful and very dangerous weapons. Depending on who is handling the gun, it can save lives or take them away. That’s why you, no doubt, are worried about keeping your gun from being transferred to the wrong hands but still want to have your gun as accessible as possible for [...]

The Science of Fingerprint Recognition on Biometric Gun Safes

Fingerprints’ primary function exceeds mere identification: fingerprints help us to grip things! These complex patterns of ridges and valleys provide the traction we need to pick up everything from a pencil to a slab of cement. Interestingly, the uniqueness of each individual’s fingerprint is more coincidental than genetic – they form mostly based on happenstance. [...]

How to Pick the Right Gun Safe

How to Pick the Right Gun Safe You would never consider leaving your toddler alone in a room with a tiger, would you? Unfortunately, some firearm owners do something similar when they keep their guns in accessible storage areas around the house: every gun is a potentially lethal weapon, and you never know when [...]