For those who have never invested in a firearm before, there are a few things that should be purchased alongside the gun. These range from products that provide convenience, to those that will provide protection along with the new weapon being brought into the home. Be sure that you pick up the things you need to get the most from your new firearm.

Do the Research

Before making the investment, do the research on the firearm you wish to obtain. Planning for a handgun will be vastly different than investing in the things you will need for a rifle. Even among the different categories there are various brands, calibers, sizes, and more. Make sure that your reasons for investing in the firearm will match up with the weapon you choose.


No matter what type of firearm you are purchasing, you will need eye and ear protection. This protection is required every time you go shooting whether that is in a shooting range or out in a remote location. Protect both your eyes and ears from damage by wearing these when shooting. Too many accidents have happened that could have been avoided if this gear had been worn.

Range Bag

Not only will a range bag make it easy to keep everything organized, but it will also be a way to ensure nothing is forgotten when you hit the range. In many states gun owners are required to keep their ammunition separate from the firearm when traveling in a vehicle. A range bag makes this possible with pockets to store everything.

Cleaning Kit

Every type of firearm will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will keep the gun in the best working condition, making it easy to use for a longer period of time. With every shot you fire, powder residue may be left in the action and barrel of the weapon. Find the cleaning kit that will fit your firearm, and be sure to use it as often as necessary.

A Gun Safe

Too many accidents occur with weapons that haven’t been properly secured when not in use. When you invest in a firearm, make sure to also purchase the firearm safe that will fit your needs. Decide the size of the gun you will be investing in, and how many you plan on purchasing. This will determine the best safe for you.

When it comes to your first firearm, there are many things to consider. Don’t forget to invest in these four things to ensure your firearm will be safe, functioning, and last for as long as possible. These purchases can be used through this first gun purchase and for many more to come.