We all know someone who has one. Perhaps they’re always hidden behind clothing or maybe they’re well displayed. The fact is, more and more people have a tattoo and typically they hold a deeper meaning than one would initially suspect.

Tattooing is an art that has been around for thousands of years, long existing as a way of expression, remembrance, and dominance. One of the oldest known tattooed mummies dates to around 3370-3100 BC! It is a human tradition that has transcended time and location. Every part of the world has seen humans with tattooed symbols telling the story of their lives.

It’s a tradition that hasn’t changed. Our tattoos still tell stories of profound personal impact. Each tattoo has some type of expression that tells one’s story and how it evolved over time. And sometimes those tattoos are the keepers of the darkest memories that no one dares forget.

One of the most prolific tattooed groups are our soldiers and veterans. Each mark on their skin, no matter how small, tells a story that has impacted them for a lifetime. Images of battalion names, memorials to loved ones and fallen friends, celebrations of life, expressions of undying love, and reminders of bleak times all dance on the skin with vibrant stories that words can’t quite capture.

Tattoos serve as a reminder of what has made us who we are, as a story told outside of books and papers, as the constant expression of growth and life and this is a fact that our veterans know all too well.

“First off,” states Jonathan Marr as he shares a photo of his tattoo, “still healing so it looks a little crappy and still have to go back for some finishing touches. I chose this one to cover up a horrible decision. This is to honor all those who came before me. It’s dark to symbolize the dark times veterans have both during and after service.” 

Marr isn’t alone in his story. A countless number of people opened up their hearts and lives to share with us the intimate details behind their art. Chris Meeker writes, “Memorial to my wife. We both served in the US Navy for a combined 40 years (her 24, my 16).”  Meeker tells us that his sleeve contains the coordinates of his wife’s burial at sea, the symbolism of how her loss created a tumultuous storm in his life, and the representation of their undying love.

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How does a tattoo share your story? While we might not all have a desire to get inked, we all have stories that we would want to carry with us.