Tips for Traveling with Guns

When you own a gun or guns, sometimes you will have to transport them with you when you travel. This commonly involves packing your gun in a secure gun case and readying it for transport. Depending on how you are traveling, you may need to take additional steps in preparing and securing your gun for transit. Air travel, for example, imposes more regulations on how a gun must be secured and stored for transport. For vehicle transportation, you have more flexibility, but you will need to still properly secure the guns and keep them in a safe place. In addition to gun cases, quality safes and secure locations within the vehicle are necessary for safe transport. Here are some helpful tips for vehicle travel with guns.

Metal Gun Cases

For vehicle travel, these cases are cheaper and more portable than gun safes. Metal gun safes don’t offer absolute security, or even the security of a gun safe, but they are secure containers for gun transport during travel. These cases are typically equipped with a variety of locks, either key, combination, or biometric, as well as mounting capabilities. A good idea is to mount the case in a secure location and make efforts to conceal it, as these cases can be easy to breach and steal. If you have a storage compartment in your vehicle, concealing the gun case here is a good idea. In many places, transporting guns in a vehicle legally requires using a gun case.

Secure Guns

The most important part of travelling with guns in a vehicle is ensuring that the gun is secure. Always make sure the gun is unloaded before transporting it. If you have to disassemble a large gun into smaller parts, this can be an effective means of transportation as well since you will be able to more effectively store and conceal the weapon in a gun case. For handguns, a simple portable gun case is usually sufficient. This can then be stored in an interior compartment in the vehicle or inside the trunk. Additional security measures like trigger locks can also be a good idea when travelling with guns.

Biometric Safe

Portable biometric safes are ideal for transporting a gun with you during travel. Depending on how much space you have available in the vehicle, you may be able to bolt a larger safe to the floor for added security. This can be an option for a recreational vehicle. For temporary transport during travel, a portable gun safe complete with biometric lock is perfectly suitable. These safes are easily stored, are lightweight, and are perfect for smaller handguns. The best part about portable biometric safes is that they are easily accessible and open with the touch of your fingers.