Polycarbonate vs. Stainless Steel Firearms

There are varying ideas when it comes to choosing the material of gun for you. Look into the benefits each option can bring to you. In the past, stainless steel and fiberglass were the most popular options for handguns. Although they are still often made in this way, polycarbonate is coming into more popularity. For some, the advantages of this weapon outweigh the advantages of their steel gun counterparts. Learn the advantages of this weapon and whether or not it could be the better option for you.


There is a certain level of wear and tear that will be common with your firearm. As careful as you are keeping your gun in a secure location, situations will occur that have the potential to damage the exterior of your gun. When it comes to impact resistance, polycarbonate has a much higher capacity, withstanding more than fiberglass.

Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials you could invest in for your firearm, but that doesn’t make it fool proof. Although it won’t break, it will dent on impact more easily than polycarbonate will.

UV Light

Depending on how often and how long your firearm is subjected to UV rays, you may begin to see some damage from the sun. Keep your weapon inside a gun safe when not in use, and protected as much as possible when in your possession to avoid this. Even with this, the sun can begin to wear on your firearm.

With a polycarbonate gun structure, make sure that you invest in a UV coating protection. Over time, this may wear off, leaving the possibility of sun damage. With the stainless steel option, the gun will not be damaged easily by the sun, resisting this type of destruction.


Whether you are planning on making modifications or not to your firearm will play a part in the material that should be used. Polycarbonate is easy to adapt to specifics that are needed. When cut through, the polycarbonate will leave a smooth edge. Although it will need to be cut professionally, it should be considered. When stainless steel is cut, it has the potential to leave rough edges.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to polycarbonate and stainless steel firearms. Look into all your options to determine what features are most important to you. In most situations, which model will work best for you is determined by your own personal preference. Make sure that you look though all the options before making the final decision.