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Biometric Safe Technology

Getting quick access to your gun vault in a bad situation is crucial. The time you spend fumbling around in the dark for your firearm could be the determining factor in these situations. Instead invest in a safe that uses biometric technology. At GunVault, our pistol safes with this technology will help you be [...]

Common Gun Lingo | Infographic

Common Gun Lingo | Infographic For anyone who is new to gun culture, we’ve covered the gun lingo basics in this infographic. Becoming a part of gun culture can be exciting but it is important to also stay safe. Are you a new gun owner? Make sure that you have a reliable place to [...]

Revolver or Semi-Automatic?

When it comes to guns we have our favorites and for specific reasons. We have looked at the basics of the revolver and the semi-auto based on their benefits and drawbacks. Some of the advantages are also disadvantages of the revolver and semi-auto. Take a look at some of the characteristics that make these [...]

November 11th, 2015|Educational|

How Well Do You Know Your Handguns?

How well do you know your handguns? Show your stuff with this quiz on identifying these handguns. Some are famous, some are modern favorites, and maybe even some flops. Created by Oozle Media on October 7, 2015 1 Ruger SR9C Taurus SLIM Beretta 92 SIG P250 2 Springfield XDS SIG P250 Hi-Point CF380 Springfield XDM 3 Walther [...]

How To Convince Your Girlfriend That Guns Are Okay

How To Convince Your Girlfriend That Guns Are Okay Convincing your girlfriend that guns are okay can be a tricky objective. Each situation is different and each has it’s own unique complications. The outcome of your efforts is going to depend greatly upon how you approach the situation. Responsible gun ownership can be broken [...]