Self-healing targets are the latest technology in the gun target industry. You can fire well over 1,000 rounds at one target and it will remain intact with zero to minimal damage. So you are probably asking yourself, “How do self-healing targets really work?”  Keep reading to find out.


The Material

The magic behind the self-healing target is all about the material. Although most manufacturers aren’t open about the proprietary material they use to create self-healing targets, it is known that they are made out of a durable yet flexible polymeric material.

The flexibility of the material allows for a bullet to enter then immediately contract as the bullet passes through the target. The bullet passes straight through the target and the friction and heat created by the shot allows for the material to close and reseal itself. This lets it keep its shape and durability.

Depending on the types of ammo and calibers that are being used as well as other factors such as the distance and size of the target, one self-healing target can be shot up to 10,000 times.


Tracks Accuracy

Many think that it would be impossible to track the accuracy of your shot with a self-healing target since the bullet goes all the way through the target then reseals. However, if you want to see the accuracy and exact location of your shot, you are able to do so because the shot leaves behind a burn that marks the precise location of the shot.


Safer than Steel

Safety is another issue that gets brought up regarding self-healing targets. Some believe that the bullet will ricochet off of the target because the material has an elastic consistency but this is not true. In fact, self-healing targets are a safer alternative to steel targets as they do not splatter lead like steel targets do.



Self-healing targets are a safe, fun, and new way to practice your shot whether you are using a BB gun or .55 caliber. There are several different types and sizes of self-healing targets to choose from to give you an exciting shooting experience.

Always remember that proper firearm handling and shooting range etiquette is absolutely crucial at all times to ensure your safety and the safety of others.