Guns are both very useful and very dangerous weapons. Depending on who is handling the gun, it can save lives or take them away. That’s why you, no doubt, are worried about keeping your gun from being transferred to the wrong hands but still want to have your gun as accessible as possible for an extreme situation.

Thankfully, you can have a solution! When you have a gun safe, whether is it sealed with a biometric fingerprint scanner, combination, or a lock and key, your weapon will only be accessible to you.

Portable Gun Safes

Because many varieties of our handgun safes are small, they can also be portable. That way, you can take your gun, all sealed up and safely put away, with you in your car or on a plane. There are special stipulations about bringing guns on planes, however.

You need to tell the airline that you have a gun, put it in your checked bag, make sure it is completely unloaded, and seal it up in a safe or other container, among other requirements. Make sure you check with your airline before assuming it is okay to bring your gun on board. See our blog about bringing guns on planes for more information.

Though I wouldn’t suggest carting a gun safe around in a backpack, you could technically bring your gun everywhere with you in its safe without the fear of it falling into the wrong hands.

If you do decide to bring the gun with you, you should definitely look into getting a concealed weapons permit or at least check out the gun laws for your state, since every state has slight variations on what is allowed and what is not.

Think Outside the Box!

Though your gun safe is the perfect tool for hiding and storing away your gun in your home, it doesn’t have to stay there. Bring your gun safe with you so you can be ready for the unexpected at any time!