When you travel with your guns, you need a safe place to store them–for both legal and practical reasons. Gun safes are the most effective way in which to store guns in any environment–recreational vehicles included. If you travel with guns by way of recreational vehicles like campers, boats, and ATVs, you need an effective way of securing them. In many ways, storing guns in vehicles is more vulnerable than storing guns at home. The risk of theft increases with valuables stored in vehicles and many of the same and some additional safety concerns apply. For RVs and boats, guns should be secured as they would be in a house–inside a locking safe or vault. Here are some tips for some of the best ways to store guns in somewhat less conventional places.

Secure Locations

While gun storage in recreational vehicles is inherently more vulnerable than storage in homes, locating a secure place within the vehicle is the first step toward securing it appropriately. For campers, boats, and other large trailers, there should be plenty of storage options for your guns. The best option is to locate a cupboard or closet where you can install a dedicated gun safe. Guns simply left out in the open in a drawer or closet are not secure–even if they are unloaded with a trigger lock. Locks can easily be broken and guns stolen or tampered with, so locate a secure, relatively hidden place and buy a safe for your guns.

Quality Safes

The quality of the safe will reflect the security of your guns. Of course, keeping your guns in a safe–no matter the quality–is always better than leaving them unsecured. For vehicles, look for a heavily reinforced steel safe with good locking mechanisms. For small safes for secure transport in most vehicles, consider choosing a safe with a bio-metric lock. Most safes should be anchored to the floor to provide more comprehensive security, but in a vehicle this may not always be an option. In boats and RVs, you can bolt the safe to the floor if you have the space, but in smaller vehicles, you may have to take other measures to secure your guns.

Metal Gun Cases

These are the cheaper, more portable versions of gun safes. If you are tight on space in a vehicle, consider purchasing a metal gun case. These don’t offer the same level of security as larger, reinforced gun safes, but they are secure containers for guns. These cases come with a variety of locks–key, combination, or bio-metric. Many gun cases also come with mounting capabilities to better secure the case in a fixed location. Since these storage units are easier to breach or steal, it is a good idea to conceal the gun case within a closet or cabinet in your recreational vehicle. Legally speaking, in most places, these gun cases are the only lawful way to transport your weapons, and for quick and easy storage and transport, these cases are great options.