Whether you are target shooting for recreational purposes or preparing your shot for the next big hunting trip, there are many ways to make it fun. One of the most basic is creating your own targets. These can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, helping to keep you within your shooting range budget. Try out one of these fun DIY target designs to give yourself more of a challenge next time you go to the shooting range, or even out in a natural safe target shooting location.

Golf Balls

Take out some of your earlier frustration on the golfing range and move it to the shooting range. Set up golf balls stood up on golf tees. If possible raise these up above the ground using cardboard boxes or other means. These small targets are perfect for learning how to focus your sights, delivering a more accurate shot.

Paper Targets

Paper targets can be used anywhere, but particularly at indoor shooting ranges. These can be especially fun for kids who are hitting the shooting range for their first time. Allow them to create their own design on the target using markers, paint, or anything else of their choosing. Here they can design zombies to be shot or other features such as the traditional target. Allow for some creativity and keep the targets after to see how your shot has improved. A simple paper plate can also make the perfect target. It is small enough to practice a good shot, yet large enough to make a significant target.


Use a crate or other means to set a watermelon up on a pedestal. An assortment of other large fruits can also be used in addition to this. This simple yet fun target will make a large splash on the shooting range. Try out using a shotgun to really make a splash. Remember to place it at a far enough distance for safety concerns and to make it really challenging.


Fill balloons with paint, water, or simply blow them up and secure each of them on a board. Out of all these fillings, paint will make the biggest splash, creating sloppy designs against the back. You can turn these balloon targets into a game, dividing shooters into two teams. Use blue and red balloons scattered across the board. Whichever team pops all of their balloons first wins.

Targets bought from the store can get pricey, save on this cost by creating your own. These can be as simple or complex as you choose, giving more options to everyone.