Gun Locks vs. Gun Safes

We hear the horror stories on the news and by word of mouth about tragedies, whether accidental or purposeful, that happen in our own neighborhoods. Many of these calamities could have been avoided if the firearms had been safely secured.

Though some states require that handguns and other weapons be sold with locks on them, you still have to wonder whether or not they are enough to protect from the unthinkable.

Here is some information about gun locks and gun safes so you can make a well-informed decision about how much security you want for your guns:

Gun Locks

Though there are many different kinds of gun locks, they all have the same purpose: to stop accidental firings and to prevent people besides yourself from using it.

Gun safes provide maximum safety for your firearm.

While they are widely available and inexpensive, gun locks have some downsides:

  • Low-quality gun locks can break easily
  • Gun locks do not prevent theft
  • Models without keys or combination locks might fall into the hands of older children or teens

So, how can you feel secure about the safety of your firearm? Think about getting a gun safe.

Gun Safes

Because newer, high-tech models of gun safes come out every year, you can, now more than ever, be assured that your firearms are safe from anyone who might do you or anyone else harm. Today’s gun safes have added safety features such as:

  • Biometric scanners that open only for your fingerprints
  • Fireproofing and waterproofing so they can withstand almost anything
  • Multiple re-lockers to ensure the contents of your safe is protected

It is important to have your weapons secured so no accidents or thefts have the opportunity to occur. Keep yourself and your family safe by purchasing one of the highest quality gun safes there are!