Veterans Aid Trauma Through Tattooing

We all know someone who has one. Perhaps they’re always hidden behind clothing or maybe they’re well displayed. The fact is, more and more people have a tattoo and typically they hold a deeper meaning than one would initially suspect.

Tattooing is an art that has been around for thousands of years, long existing as a way of expression, remembrance, and dominance. One of the oldest known tattooed mummies dates to around 3370-3100 BC! It is a human tradition that has transcended time and location. Every part of the world has seen humans with tattooed symbols telling the story of their lives.

It’s a tradition that hasn’t changed. Our tattoos still tell stories of profound personal impact. Each tattoo has some type of expression that tells one’s story and how it evolved over time. And sometimes those tattoos are the keepers of the darkest memories that no one dares forget.

One of the most prolific tattooed groups are our soldiers and veterans. Each mark on their skin, no matter how small, tells a story that has impacted them for a lifetime. Images of battalion names, memorials to loved ones and fallen friends, celebrations of life, expressions of undying love, and reminders of bleak times all dance on the skin with vibrant stories that words can’t quite capture.

Tattoos serve as a reminder of what has made us who we are, as a story told outside of books and papers, as the constant expression of growth and life and this is a fact that our veterans know all too well.

“First off,” states Jonathan Marr as he shares a photo of his tattoo, “still healing so it looks a little crappy and still have to go back for some finishing touches. I chose this one to cover up a horrible decision. This is to honor all those who came before me. It’s dark to symbolize the dark times veterans have both during and after service.” 

Marr isn’t alone in his story. A countless number of people opened up their hearts and lives to share with us the intimate details behind their art. Chris Meeker writes, “Memorial to my wife. We both served in the US Navy for a combined 40 years (her 24, my 16).”  Meeker tells us that his sleeve contains the coordinates of his wife’s burial at sea, the symbolism of how her loss created a tumultuous storm in his life, and the representation of their undying love.

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How does a tattoo share your story? While we might not all have a desire to get inked, we all have stories that we would want to carry with us.

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Fun DIY Shooting Targets

Whether you are target shooting for recreational purposes or preparing your shot for the next big hunting trip, there are many ways to make it fun. One of the most basic is creating your own targets. These can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, helping to keep you within your shooting range budget. Try out one of these fun DIY target designs to give yourself more of a challenge next time you go to the shooting range, or even out in a natural safe target shooting location.

Golf Balls

Take out some of your earlier frustration on the golfing range and move it to the shooting range. Set up golf balls stood up on golf tees. If possible raise these up above the ground using cardboard boxes or other means. These small targets are perfect for learning how to focus your sights, delivering a more accurate shot.

Paper Targets

Paper targets can be used anywhere, but particularly at indoor shooting ranges. These can be especially fun for kids who are hitting the shooting range for their first time. Allow them to create their own design on the target using markers, paint, or anything else of their choosing. Here they can design zombies to be shot or other features such as the traditional target. Allow for some creativity and keep the targets after to see how your shot has improved. A simple paper plate can also make the perfect target. It is small enough to practice a good shot, yet large enough to make a significant target.


Use a crate or other means to set a watermelon up on a pedestal. An assortment of other large fruits can also be used in addition to this. This simple yet fun target will make a large splash on the shooting range. Try out using a shotgun to really make a splash. Remember to place it at a far enough distance for safety concerns and to make it really challenging.


Fill balloons with paint, water, or simply blow them up and secure each of them on a board. Out of all these fillings, paint will make the biggest splash, creating sloppy designs against the back. You can turn these balloon targets into a game, dividing shooters into two teams. Use blue and red balloons scattered across the board. Whichever team pops all of their balloons first wins.

Targets bought from the store can get pricey, save on this cost by creating your own. These can be as simple or complex as you choose, giving more options to everyone.

Gun Modifications

Gun Modifications

Depending on the firearm you own, there are a few different modifications that can be made. It is critical to know the rules and regulations put into place before making any changes to ensure the job gets done right. Even if the modifications you are planning on making are legal, there are additional precautions that need to be taken before making the change.

The Legal

The National Firearms Act was put into place on June 26, 1934. It was this act that put certain regulations on firearms that can be used in the United States. Title I of this act was The Gun Control Act of 1968 which was put forth to regulate the guns in America, and how they were transferred to owners.

Before making any modifications to your firearm, be aware of what is legal versus what changes are illegal. The US National Firearms Act goes into detail on which modifications are acceptable, and which cannot be made. By making these illegal modifications, not only will your firearm be taken away, but you can spend time in jail because of it. Some of the most common illegal modifications that need to be avoided are:

  • Rifles or shotguns with a total length under 26 inches
  • Rifles with barrels less than 16 inches, or shotguns under 18 inches
  • Turning your firearm into a machine gun
  • Changing a firearm over .50 caliber to a fixed cartridge

All of these changes will create safety hazards for you and those around you. Don’t allow this to happen. Instead, know the gun modifications that are safe to employ.

The common modifications

There are both functional and aesthetic reasons to make modifications to your firearm. There are some that can easily be accomplished by the gun owner, while others will need the assistance of a professional. The most common reasons to make modifications to a firearm include:

  • Cosmetic – this mainly focuses on the look of your firearm, but there could be some changes that will prove useful, such as changing the sights. Custom woodwork or metal engravings are both common changes.
  • Caliber conversions – this is done by re-barreling or re-chambering the firearm to a different caliber.
  • Accurizing – these changes will help your firearm to become a more accurate shot.
  • Operating mechanism conversions – these changes range in complexity, and can be as advanced as turning a handgun into a rifle.
  • Sporterizing – this will alter a military grade weapon into one that can be used for personal use.

Before making any of these changes to your firearm, assess the reasons you wish to make the change. It will be easier to know what is appropriate beforehand than trying to explain later. Be sure that your changes will modify your firearm to what you want it to be.

Polycarbonate vs. Stainless Steel Firearms

Polycarbonate vs. Stainless Steel Firearms

There are varying ideas when it comes to choosing the material of gun for you. Look into the benefits each option can bring to you. In the past, stainless steel and fiberglass were the most popular options for handguns. Although they are still often made in this way, polycarbonate is coming into more popularity. For some, the advantages of this weapon outweigh the advantages of their steel gun counterparts. Learn the advantages of this weapon and whether or not it could be the better option for you.


There is a certain level of wear and tear that will be common with your firearm. As careful as you are keeping your gun in a secure location, situations will occur that have the potential to damage the exterior of your gun. When it comes to impact resistance, polycarbonate has a much higher capacity, withstanding more than fiberglass.

Stainless steel is one of the strongest materials you could invest in for your firearm, but that doesn’t make it fool proof. Although it won’t break, it will dent on impact more easily than polycarbonate will.

UV Light

Depending on how often and how long your firearm is subjected to UV rays, you may begin to see some damage from the sun. Keep your weapon inside a gun safe when not in use, and protected as much as possible when in your possession to avoid this. Even with this, the sun can begin to wear on your firearm.

With a polycarbonate gun structure, make sure that you invest in a UV coating protection. Over time, this may wear off, leaving the possibility of sun damage. With the stainless steel option, the gun will not be damaged easily by the sun, resisting this type of destruction.


Whether you are planning on making modifications or not to your firearm will play a part in the material that should be used. Polycarbonate is easy to adapt to specifics that are needed. When cut through, the polycarbonate will leave a smooth edge. Although it will need to be cut professionally, it should be considered. When stainless steel is cut, it has the potential to leave rough edges.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to polycarbonate and stainless steel firearms. Look into all your options to determine what features are most important to you. In most situations, which model will work best for you is determined by your own personal preference. Make sure that you look though all the options before making the final decision.

“Chicks with Guns” Brings Focus on Safety

“Chicks with Guns” Brings Focus on Safety

A fascinating new book from Lindsay McCrum explores one of the most prevalent but lowest-profile groups of gun owners: women. The book shows that 15 million American women from a wide variety of ages, classes, and political perspectives own firearms. While their reasons for gun ownership vary, one sentiment remains consistent throughout the book’s entirety: safety is essential– especially when it comes to children.

As always, the first and most important practice for any gun owner with children in the home is to keep the weapon securely stowed in a gun safe.

Chicks with Guns provides interesting insights into the lives of one of our most under-considered groups of gun owners – women. You can learn more about it here.

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