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Biometric Safes vs Combination Safes


Biometric technology has been advancing steadily in the past couple of years, taking the place of some other common means of security and convenience. The safe is just one of these places biometrics is making an impact. Take a look at how biometric safes and combination safes differ, and what this means for you in terms of which safe to invest in.


While most biometric safes also have an option for key or combination lock, we will look only at the biometric part of the safe in comparison with these other popular types of safes. The first and most obvious difference in the biometric safe is the way it can be accessed. A biometric safe will use your fingerprint to open. This technology recognizes your unique fingerprint and opens the safe once it has been scanned. The safe’s technology can recognize a number of different fingerprints, allowing you to choose who enters your safe. With a lock or combination, those with a key or knowledge of the combination can enter the safe.


Because the technology is still being developed and improved, biometric safes are currently more expensive than the other two. This too depends on the size and durability of the safe. This cost difference may remain the same because the biometric safe offers a more advanced protection. This secure means of keeping others out will also be a means of never getting yourself locked out.


One of the most important things to consider with a safe is how fast you can access your firearm. In an emergency situation, this very well could be a matter of life and death. A biometric safe will give you faster access than any other safe as all you need is your finger to open it. In a situation where stress may be a great factor, this is the obvious best option.

The idea of who can access the safe is important to consider as well. With a combination lock, some may have the ability to crack it. With a key, misplacing can give people direct access. A biometric lock gives you the chance to designate exactly who you want to have access. Only those who have scanned their finger under your direction can open a biometric safe, keeping your belongings better protected.

Take into account all factors before choosing the best type of safe for you. In addition to cost, look into the security it will bring, and the ease of use.

Biometric Safe Technology

Getting quick access to your gun vault in a bad situation is crucial. The time you spend fumbling around in the dark for your firearm could be the determining factor in these situations. Instead invest in a safe that uses biometric technology. At GunVault, our pistol safes with this technology will help you be prepared for any situation.

What is it?

speedvault drop down quick gun safe

The ideas behind biometrics have been around since the late 1800s when fingerprints began to be collected from criminals to keep track of them in this way. Since then, the ideas behind using fingerprints as identification have become increasingly popular, used as a way to identify a user based completely on their unique fingerprint.

With biometric safes, this fingerprint is used in place or in addition to another lock. With the touch of a finger, your safe will be opened, giving you access to your weapon in a quick and efficient manner. GunVault’s biometric safes are smaller and can be kept in a little space out of the way of where most people are in your home. Keep these safes in your bedroom, where less people are likely to see them. Make sure it is still accessible to you in emergency situations.

Why buy a biometric safe?

If you are looking for a safe for your pistol, a biometric safe is the perfect option for you. There are a few different types to select from. Make your decision based on where you will be keeping the safe, and how many firearms you will be keeping inside. There are different models that can house one pistol, or multiple depending on your needs.

Besides just housing your firearms, these safes can be used to protect your other valuables from wandering hands or eyes. Keep your passport, credit cards, important documentation, cash, and other items inside your biometric safe. You will be the only one who has access to these items, and if you need them in a pinch, it will be a matter of seconds before you gain access. Choose a vault that will fit your needs perfectly.

For those looking to increase the security of their belongings, consider investing in a biometric safe. You will have all the security of a normal safe, with quick and easy access. Visit us at GunVault today to find the best products. We can help you find what works for your situation, and help secure your belongings.

Benefits of a Speed Vault

Owning a gun and keeping it securely stored is important, but so too is quick access when you need it. Having easy access to your weapon is as important as keeping it secure in a gun safe. The GunVault speedvault is the perfect safe for quick access. This safe is both discreet and effective at keeping your gun securely at the ready.

Gun storage is often a balance of keeping these valuable items safe while also ensuring that you have quick access when you really need it. There are advantages and disadvantages to this balance, but with a GunVault safe you never have to compromise security for speed in access or vice versa.

A Quicker Draw

The speedvault is the ideal gun safe for an office or bedroom for its simple design and ease of access. Biometric technology in safes is one of the most efficient methods of securing weapons and ensuring quick access. The benefits of a speedvault lie largely in having the peace of mind knowing some of your most valuable possessions are both locked and at the ready.

A biometric lock provides this knowledge while always guaranteeing the fastest access possible. For a portable, easily mounted primary or supplemental gun safe, nothing is more effective than a speed vault.

There are items that belong in a large security vault safe and there are items like personal handguns that need to be available in an instant, while also remaining securely stored. The most effective method of satisfying both is to utilize a speedvault. There is no reason not to invest in a gun safe, especially if speed of access is what is keeping you from purchasing a safe. With a speedvault, you get the perfect balance of security and accessibility.

What Separates Gun Vault from Other Gun Safe Companies?

What Separates Gun Vault from Other Gun Safe Companies?

For the past 20 years, Gun Vault has imbibed itself with the task of building, manufacturing, and selling gun safes that are rated for their safety, performance, and quick access. We want to make sure that you and your family are safe from both potential threats and potential accidents; that’s why we’re in the business.

When you get a gun safe from Gun Vault, you know for a fact that you will get a high quality, heavy gauge steel safe that even offers foam lining for the maximum protection of your guns or valuables. We also offer additional features, such as biometric fingerprint technology, to increase the level of security protection you can have in a gun safe.

Our safes also:

  • Have won several awards for safety, including “Safety Product of the Year”
  • Come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs and lifestyle
  • Are easily mountable and easily accessible
  • Are protected under our warranty

If you are interested in purchasing a gun safe from Gun Vault, you are making the right decision. Not only are you trusting a company that always keeps your best interests in mind, but you are keeping everyone in your home safe.

Leaving guns or other weapons lying around your home is a recipe for disaster; get a gun safe today!

Safe Locks: A Look at Security and Accessibility

Safe Locks: A Look at Security and Accessibility

The locking mechanism on a safe is a crucial part of what makes a safe a safe. Locks range from combination locks, electronic keypads, and lock and key to biometric. Though all locks on a quality constructed safe should provide equal security, it is important to evaluate factors like overall security and time spent opening the lock.

For gun safes, in particular, the type of lock can be extremely important to quick retrieval of the contents of the safe. The security of the lock, of course, is the most important factor in the performance of the safe lock, but accessibility is also critical to the operation. Here is a rundown of the different types of safe locks.

Combination locks- These are one of the most familiar type of safe lock, and one of the most secure. Combination locks work by engaging and disengaging the locking bolts of the safe through the input of a numerical string on a rotating dial. The exact number is set and the safe can only be opened when the each number is precisely indicated in order on the dial of the safe. The precision involved in unlocking combination safes make them very secure, but they can often require a couple of attempts–even when you are adept with the combination–to open. This means that if you need to open the safe very quickly, combination locks may be an impediment.

Keypad locks- Similar to a combination safe with a dial lock, keypad locks secure through a passcode. These locks, however, are electronic and programmable and can utilize an alpha-numeric string to secure the safe. Keypad locks represent a secure and potentially quicker access to the safe than dial combination locks, though may not be as efficient as biometric locks.

Biometric locks- These are some of the most secure locks in safe technology today. Designed for ultimate personal identification–biometric technology relies upon unique physical data, such as fingerprints or retinal scans, to perform identification–these locks are highly secure as well as easy to open within seconds. For gun safes, biometric locks are the most efficient lock you can buy when you need instant access to your safe. Within seconds, your individual data is scanned and verified, giving you access to the safe.

Key locks- These are the most outdated of the locking mechanisms on modern safes. A physical key is less secure and efficient than other types of locks due to the simple fact that you have to store the key somewhere retrievable to open the safe. This presents a risk of theft if the key is located, and of course, increases the risk of the safe lock being picked and breached. In lieu of a physical lock and key safe, opt for a combination dial or a biometric safe. In most modern, highly fortified safes, these will be the only options available anyway.

Are Gun Locks Safe?

How Safe Are Gun Locks?

Gun locks are a popular way to secure guns by either blocking the trigger or obstructing the barrel and preventing ammunition from being loaded. Both trigger locks and cable locks are purported to be secure ways in which to store a firearm to prevent loading and firing. The important question, though, is how safe are these locks really? The principal behind gun locks is largely to keep children from loading and firing the gun. While responsible gun ownership means keeping firearms unloaded and stored in a quality safe with high grade locks or biometric security, cheap gun locks are often seen as acceptable forms of gun security outside of a safe. The reality is, however, that many gun locks can be easily broken or picked open.

Insecure Locks

Many cable locks can be easily cut with basic household tools like pliers and trigger locks can be easily picked with a screwdriver. The reality surrounding the manufacturing of many gun locks is such that they are simply not as secure as they appear. The Consumer Product Safety Commission even issued findings about deficiencies in Project ChildSafe cable locks, noting how easily they can be removed and recommending manufacturing more secure locks.

Not every gun lock on the market contains the same levels of vulnerability to breaches, but too many mass produced gun locks simply lack the manufacturing strength to impede access from simple tools, or even blunt force. Inexpensive, consumer gun locks often give more false security than legitimate gun protection. Design deficiencies and defects in many commercial locks have the potential to contribute to more gun tragedies if left unaddressed.

Better Gun Security

Responsible gun storage involves more than just attaching a trigger or cable lock to the weapon and calling it secure. If you own a gun or multiple guns, invest in a gun safe. Gun locks can be breached much easier than safes and a high quality locking safe is a much stronger deterrent than a gun lock. While the principle behind gun locks is not the problem, poor manufacturing is often what creates potentially dangerous situations when it comes to gun storage and overall security.

Better testing and higher quality materials for all gun locks could help prevent gun deaths resulting from children accessing and using weapons. Project ChildSafe leads efforts to help protect guns and keep children safe by providing gun safety locks and gun safety information, but more can be done to better secure gun locks of every variety from tampering by children through improved security standards. When considering a gun lock, look for a high quality lock that may cost a little more, but can better protect your weapon. As always, take more complete security measures and properly store guns in quality locking, or even biometric, gun safes.

Have Your Gun Accessible and Protected in a Gun Safe!

Guns are both very useful and very dangerous weapons. Depending on who is handling the gun, it can save lives or take them away. That’s why you, no doubt, are worried about keeping your gun from being transferred to the wrong hands but still want to have your gun as accessible as possible for an extreme situation.

Thankfully, you can have a solution! When you have a gun safe, whether is it sealed with a biometric fingerprint scanner, combination, or a lock and key, your weapon will only be accessible to you.

Portable Gun Safes

Because many varieties of our handgun safes are small, they can also be portable. That way, you can take your gun, all sealed up and safely put away, with you in your car or on a plane. There are special stipulations about bringing guns on planes, however.

You need to tell the airline that you have a gun, put it in your checked bag, make sure it is completely unloaded, and seal it up in a safe or other container, among other requirements. Make sure you check with your airline before assuming it is okay to bring your gun on board. See our blog about bringing guns on planes for more information.

Though I wouldn’t suggest carting a gun safe around in a backpack, you could technically bring your gun everywhere with you in its safe without the fear of it falling into the wrong hands.

If you do decide to bring the gun with you, you should definitely look into getting a concealed weapons permit or at least check out the gun laws for your state, since every state has slight variations on what is allowed and what is not.

Think Outside the Box!

Though your gun safe is the perfect tool for hiding and storing away your gun in your home, it doesn’t have to stay there. Bring your gun safe with you so you can be ready for the unexpected at any time!

Differences Between Gun Locks and Gun Safes

Gun Locks vs. Gun Safes

We hear the horror stories on the news and by word of mouth about tragedies, whether accidental or purposeful, that happen in our own neighborhoods. Many of these calamities could have been avoided if the firearms had been safely secured.

Though some states require that handguns and other weapons be sold with locks on them, you still have to wonder whether or not they are enough to protect from the unthinkable.

Here is some information about gun locks and gun safes so you can make a well-informed decision about how much security you want for your guns:

Gun Locks

Though there are many different kinds of gun locks, they all have the same purpose: to stop accidental firings and to prevent people besides yourself from using it.

Gun safes provide maximum safety for your firearm.

While they are widely available and inexpensive, gun locks have some downsides:

  • Low-quality gun locks can break easily
  • Gun locks do not prevent theft
  • Models without keys or combination locks might fall into the hands of older children or teens

So, how can you feel secure about the safety of your firearm? Think about getting a gun safe.

Gun Safes

Because newer, high-tech models of gun safes come out every year, you can, now more than ever, be assured that your firearms are safe from anyone who might do you or anyone else harm. Today’s gun safes have added safety features such as:

  • Biometric scanners that open only for your fingerprints
  • Fireproofing and waterproofing so they can withstand almost anything
  • Multiple re-lockers to ensure the contents of your safe is protected

It is important to have your weapons secured so no accidents or thefts have the opportunity to occur. Keep yourself and your family safe by purchasing one of the highest quality gun safes there are!

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