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Biometric Safes vs Combination Safes

  Biometric technology has been advancing steadily in the past couple of years, taking the place of some other common means of security and convenience. The safe is just one of these places biometrics is making an impact. Take a look at how biometric safes and combination safes differ, and what this means for you [...]

October 10th, 2017|Firearm Safes, Safes 101|

Biometric Safe Technology

Getting quick access to your gun vault in a bad situation is crucial. The time you spend fumbling around in the dark for your firearm could be the determining factor in these situations. Instead invest in a safe that uses biometric technology. At GunVault, our pistol safes with this technology will help you be [...]

Benefits of a Speed Vault

Owning a gun and keeping it securely stored is important, but so too is quick access when you need it. Having easy access to your weapon is as important as keeping it secure in a gun safe. The GunVault speedvault is the perfect safe for quick access. This safe is both discreet and effective [...]

February 24th, 2015|Firearm Safes, Safes 101|

Are Gun Locks Safe?

How Safe Are Gun Locks? Gun locks are a popular way to secure guns by either blocking the trigger or obstructing the barrel and preventing ammunition from being loaded. Both trigger locks and cable locks are purported to be secure ways in which to store a firearm to prevent loading and firing. The important [...]

Differences Between Gun Locks and Gun Safes

Gun Locks vs. Gun Safes We hear the horror stories on the news and by word of mouth about tragedies, whether accidental or purposeful, that happen in our own neighborhoods. Many of these calamities could have been avoided if the firearms had been safely secured. Though some states require that handguns and other weapons [...]