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What the “AR” in “AR-15” Really Stands For

The AR-15 is commonly known as one of America’s most popular rifles, therefore it comes as a surprise that its name is still so widely misinterpreted. Despite the prevalent reference as the “assault rifle” the AR in the AR-15 actually stands for ArmaLite. In the 1950’s, a company by the name of ArmaLite designed and [...]

October 16th, 2017|Educational, Large Guns|

Types of Gun Sights

Iron and optical sights are used on firearms, telescopes, and crossbows to increase aim. Within firearms, there are different types of sights depending on the weapon you are using. Become familiar with these for the firearm of your choice. Learning these different types of sights will give you a better understanding of how they function, [...]

Are Gun Locks Safe?

How Safe Are Gun Locks? Gun locks are a popular way to secure guns by either blocking the trigger or obstructing the barrel and preventing ammunition from being loaded. Both trigger locks and cable locks are purported to be secure ways in which to store a firearm to prevent loading and firing. The important [...]

GunsAmerica Praises GunVault’s AR-MagVault & BreechVault

GunsAmerica Praises GunVault’s AR-MagVault & BreechVault In case you haven’t heard, GunsAmerica recently gave praise for two of GunVaults products: The AR-MagVault which is for AR-15 pattern rifles and The BreechVault, for semi-auto and pump shotguns. The online article states, “GunVault, who you probably know from their biometric handgun safes, has recently introduced two [...]