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Growing Up in Shooting Sports

Not everyone grows up, instantly loving the things their families do. As you start to become your own person you may or may not find joy in all of the family traditions, and that is okay. But sometimes, you find that you do actually love the things that you were once hesitant of.

Here’s a story of just that. One of the GunVault employees decided to open up and share her story about how she got into shooting sports. If you’re nervous about going to the range for the first time, thinking about taking the sport up as a passion, or just want to hear a good story about a fellow shooter, keep reading!

“Growing up I was surrounded by loving parents and siblings who enjoyed anything that involved the outdoors.  We would frequently go camping, hiking and partake in fishing. One of the hobbies my family enjoyed was shooting. But for me, this was one I was always unsure about. I tried to talk myself out of all the hunting and shooting range trips whenever possible at a young age, using excuses like homework and school events. However, with having such a strong father-daughter bond my father never brought my excuses.

My family was very involved in the sports shooting industry. We would attend many competitions where men and women from all over the country would compete. This mesmerized me but frightened me at the same time. As I got older and came into my own, I started to reminisce on the times with my family at the competitions and how excited everyone was. I thought to myself if this is something that is so important to my family, why not make them happy and just finally try it. Little did I know, this would bring me much more happiness than I could have ever thought.

I decided to take a chance and meet my family at the range to watch one of their competitions. While there, I started to spark a conversation with a woman who works at the range about costs, available range times and instructors. She was so relatable, and her story made me feel so comfortable that I signed up to meet her at the range the very next day. I left excited. The feeling of the unknown didn’t scare me anymore it was exhilarating.

Showing up the next day at the range with no one around, just me, the instructor and three different firearms was surreal. I remember the women who was instructing me offering me pointers, different ways to stand and hold the firearms for better comfort and control. I always thought that once you knew how to shoot, you were set and no more work was needed. However, I quickly learned that this is not the case, practice makes perfect. The more I practiced the more comfortable I felt about handling the firearms no matter where I was.

Now six years later, I am still an avid shooter. I take the time to go to the range at least once a week for about an hour to practice. I’ve built a close-knit friend group in the community, both men and women. These are not just friends at the range but ones who have become part of the family. We celebrate holiday, stand by each other in hard times, and celebrate the good things in life, all together. All from a bond built from shooting.

Today I partake in three-gun competitions where I not only compete but instruct others exactly the same way I was instructed six years ago. Shooting sports have become a part of me in so many ways. I love shooting sports because I not only know how to see a gun and not be frightened but I know now how to protect myself.

I hope by sharing my story I can inspire others to embrace the sport and develop a love for it as deep as I did.

See you at the range!”

Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to gift giving we’ve got you covered. We know it can it be overwhelming finding the perfect gift for each person in your life, so we have put together a Holiday Gift Guide to put your mind at ease.

SpeedVault Biometric

This quick access gun safe is made for the Bond hero in your life. With a sleek design and discreet feel, our fingerprint safe is the ideal gift for anyone that wants to safely, and secretively, store a weapon in their home or office. You think the characters in your favorite action scene are alert and responsive? Wait until you see our biometric fingerprint scanner in combination with the gravity-led dropdown door!

MicroVault Biometric

For the traveler in your life, our MicroVault Biometric Pistol Safe is one of a kind. Ideally for the on the go person, the MicroVault gun safe comes with a steel security cable, allowing for easy attachment to just about any fixed object to ensure safekeeping. The high-strength lock and precise fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools.

NanoVault 300

Do you have a jet-setter that is close to you? Maybe for business or maybe for pleasure? We have the perfect, small firearm safe that not only falls within TSA regulations but is compact enough to be placed in a bag, briefcase or under a vehicle seat. This is ideal for home, travel or concealed-weapon permit holders. As always, if traveling with a firearm always visit for all firearm-related air travel requirements.

MultiVault Biometric

Our MultiVault Biometric safe is perfect for the home protector. During stressful situations gaining quick access to your safe is imperative. With the MultiVault Biometric, there is no frustration of remembering a code, as you simply use your fingerprint to open up the safe quickly and quietly. This safe is the smartest and fastest way to store your handguns or valuables.

So, are you ready to pull the trigger and purchase a new GunVault for yourself or someone close to you? Be sure to check out the holiday deals from our retailers!

*Not all promotions and sales available on this page.

Best Places to put a Gun Safe in Your Home

For those who keep a firearm in the home, it is critical to keep it inside a safe, no matter if you have kids or not. This will protect everyone in the home from mistakes that could cost more than they are worth. Be sure to keep any of these weapons in an appropriate safe.

Many people use handguns for personal protection. For these, a GunVault is the perfect place to store the weapon, keeping it secure yet easy to access. Take a look at some of the best places in the home to keep these items.

The Bedroom

There are many reasons to keep your gun safe inside your bedroom. This may be the most out of the way room of the house, where not many visitors will come. Keep your most valuable items here. GunVault has a range of small to medium sized firearm safes and valuable safes that fit perfectly into the bedroom. For your larger guns, we suggest a large rifle safe from one of our sister companies, Cannon Safe or Stack-On.

For those smaller weapons, there are drawer vaults that can be placed in your nightstand. These can be equipped with biometric technology, making them easy to access even in emergency situations.

The Car

While your car is parked either in a garage or carport in your home, it is critical to keep it safe from others, or even potential car thieves. Invest in a gun safe that will not only hide your firearm, but keep it safe from those who may try and take it. There are safes that use security cables to tie the safe down to the passenger chair. Even if somebody does break into your car, they will not be able to open or remove the safe, keeping it protected.

The Home Office

Situated right on the side of the desk for your home office, a SpeedVault can be placed, giving you easy access to your handgun in emergency situations. The sleek design and easy to access biometric system makes it one of the easiest handguns to open. Keep your weapon in this secure yet convenient location to keep your home safe.

There are a few key places that gun safes should be in your home. Make sure to keep any weapons in the home secure and put away. At GunVault, we have a wide selection from those using biometric technology, to the most secure safes to use in the car. These can protect your home further than almost anything, keeping guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

If you have any questions or interest in a safe to protect your firearms contact GunVault at (800)-242-1055 or reach us online.

Biometric Safes vs Combination Safes


Biometric technology has been advancing steadily in the past couple of years, taking the place of some other common means of security and convenience. The safe is just one of these places biometrics is making an impact. Take a look at how biometric safes and combination safes differ, and what this means for you in terms of which safe to invest in.


While most biometric safes also have an option for key or combination lock, we will look only at the biometric part of the safe in comparison with these other popular types of safes. The first and most obvious difference in the biometric safe is the way it can be accessed. A biometric safe will use your fingerprint to open. This technology recognizes your unique fingerprint and opens the safe once it has been scanned. The safe’s technology can recognize a number of different fingerprints, allowing you to choose who enters your safe. With a lock or combination, those with a key or knowledge of the combination can enter the safe.


Because the technology is still being developed and improved, biometric safes are currently more expensive than the other two. This too depends on the size and durability of the safe. This cost difference may remain the same because the biometric safe offers a more advanced protection. This secure means of keeping others out will also be a means of never getting yourself locked out.


One of the most important things to consider with a safe is how fast you can access your firearm. In an emergency situation, this very well could be a matter of life and death. A biometric safe will give you faster access than any other safe as all you need is your finger to open it. In a situation where stress may be a great factor, this is the obvious best option.

The idea of who can access the safe is important to consider as well. With a combination lock, some may have the ability to crack it. With a key, misplacing can give people direct access. A biometric lock gives you the chance to designate exactly who you want to have access. Only those who have scanned their finger under your direction can open a biometric safe, keeping your belongings better protected.

Take into account all factors before choosing the best type of safe for you. In addition to cost, look into the security it will bring, and the ease of use.

Gun Storage for Recreational Vehicles

When you travel with your guns, you need a safe place to store them–for both legal and practical reasons. Gun safes are the most effective way in which to store guns in any environment–recreational vehicles included. If you travel with guns by way of recreational vehicles like campers, boats, and ATVs, you need an effective way of securing them. In many ways, storing guns in vehicles is more vulnerable than storing guns at home. The risk of theft increases with valuables stored in vehicles and many of the same and some additional safety concerns apply. For RVs and boats, guns should be secured as they would be in a house–inside a locking safe or vault. Here are some tips for some of the best ways to store guns in somewhat less conventional places.

Secure Locations

While gun storage in recreational vehicles is inherently more vulnerable than storage in homes, locating a secure place within the vehicle is the first step toward securing it appropriately. For campers, boats, and other large trailers, there should be plenty of storage options for your guns. The best option is to locate a cupboard or closet where you can install a dedicated gun safe. Guns simply left out in the open in a drawer or closet are not secure–even if they are unloaded with a trigger lock. Locks can easily be broken and guns stolen or tampered with, so locate a secure, relatively hidden place and buy a safe for your guns.

Quality Safes

The quality of the safe will reflect the security of your guns. Of course, keeping your guns in a safe–no matter the quality–is always better than leaving them unsecured. For vehicles, look for a heavily reinforced steel safe with good locking mechanisms. For small safes for secure transport in most vehicles, consider choosing a safe with a bio-metric lock. Most safes should be anchored to the floor to provide more comprehensive security, but in a vehicle this may not always be an option. In boats and RVs, you can bolt the safe to the floor if you have the space, but in smaller vehicles, you may have to take other measures to secure your guns.

Metal Gun Cases

These are the cheaper, more portable versions of gun safes. If you are tight on space in a vehicle, consider purchasing a metal gun case. These don’t offer the same level of security as larger, reinforced gun safes, but they are secure containers for guns. These cases come with a variety of locks–key, combination, or bio-metric. Many gun cases also come with mounting capabilities to better secure the case in a fixed location. Since these storage units are easier to breach or steal, it is a good idea to conceal the gun case within a closet or cabinet in your recreational vehicle. Legally speaking, in most places, these gun cases are the only lawful way to transport your weapons, and for quick and easy storage and transport, these cases are great options.

Tips For Long Term Gun Storage

The days of burying your guns are over my friends, hiding your firearms off-site is useless if there is an emergency and downgrades the quality of your gun. In this day and age there are ways to store your guns that keep you and your family safe while maintaining the integrity of your firearms. When it comes to proper storage the most important things is preparation and where you store it. There are three main reasons proper long term gun storage is important:
1. Protecting family, keeping guns stored securely so children cannot access them.
2. Protecting guns, keeping them nice.
3. Keeping them secure from thieves but available in case of break-ins.

Pretreat your Firearms

1. Break Down Your Gun as much as you can.
2. Keep Gun Decocked this relieves tension in the springs and other parts of the gun.
3. Remove All Fingerprints from the gun. Residue left behind can affect the quality of the gun over time.
4. Clean Your Gun Completely. Copper, lead and plastic will all attract moisture so cleaning your gun with an ammonia-free cleaner will help keep it dry.
5. Thoroughly Clean Out The Bore of your gun and then apply a very thin layer of lubrication. Also apply a thin layer to other exposed metal on the gun. This creates a thin coating that protects and seals the surface while in storage.
6. Treat Wood Stocks With Wax to prevent any swelling or cracking from occurring. Don’t forget to wax the inside of the stock, it’s all important!

**Continue to check your stored firearms periodically, especially if living in a humid climate. Be sure to re-oil if necessary.

Pretreat your Storage Area

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have a safe and reliable storage area. A Gun Vault is a great storage option that will protect and secure your firearms. Here are storage tips to avoid and actions to take.
1. Gun Safe this is the most secure option for storing your guns while keeping them readily accessible. Protected interior keeps your firearm from rust, dirt, and moisture if stored properly. Safe can be opened by key, code, or fingerprints.
2. Use a Silicon-Treated Gun Sock the silicon protects your firearm from rust and moisture getting in while the thick fabric protects against any scratches and dirt.
3. Gun Storage Bags protect your gun from rust, dust and corrosion for years.
4. Use Desiccant or a Dehumidifier inside of the gun storage location to prevent moisture from rusting and cracking your guns.
5. Store your long guns barrel down so no oil can seep into the stock or other parts of the gun.
1. Sheep-Skin Lined Cases these attract moisture which can cause the rusting process to begin within 24 hours. Not only does moisture create rust but with too much exposure it can cause your stock to crack.
2. Gun’s Original Box or any cardboard box, these become very weak over time and alert anyone and everyone of what is being stored. Similar to the sheep-skin these also attract moisture and threaten the longevity and quality of your gun.

If you’re ready to switch to a safe, more secure, and easily accessible method of gun storage consider a Gun Vault safe today.

Call Today (800) 242-1055 or contact Gun Vault online.

Best Places to Conceal Your Concealed Weapon

If you are the owner of both a gun and a concealed weapons permit, you may be wondering where the best locations are to conceal your weapon while on the go. Since most state laws mandate that your weapon be concealed if it is on your person, thinking about the best places to conceal the weapon is important to remain both comfortable and in compliance with the law. Often backpacks and handbags are the ideal places to conceal a weapon, but there are good places on your person to carry a weapon as well. The most important thing to consider when carrying a concealed weapon is, of course, to keep it concealed, but you also want to keep the weapon accessible. Here are a few effective places to keep your weapon while in transit.

Ankle Holsters

Carrying a weapon around your ankle is a great place to conceal the gun while still preserving easy access. Ankle holsters are virtually unnoticeable and effectively hide your gun from view. The primary downside to these types of holsters is that you are limited in the size of gun you can carry. Smaller caliber guns that fit easily around the ankle are the most plausible options for concealed weapons in this area.

Shoulder Holsters

Shoulder holsters are a great option to conceal a weapon beneath a jacket or coat. These types of holsters typically allow you to carry a larger caliber gun since the holsters can come in larger sizes and accommodate more space than ankle holsters. These types of holsters may be more noticeable than holsters elsewhere on the body, but can usually be effectively concealed beneath the right type of clothing.


Concealing your weapon in a backpack is a good way to keep it hidden during transport. While you sacrifice some accessibility in the backpack, the gun is effectively stowed and guarded. Having a dedicated compartment to keep the gun during transport will also help ensure that the gun is safe and undisturbed as you move about. Security is always a top concern when you keep a gun in a backpack since there is a greater chance of loss or theft than if the gun remains on your person. Because of this risk, it is important to keep the backpack on you at all times. Often, concealing a gun in a backpack eliminates the risk of the gun becoming visible through clothing or detaching from your person.

When your firearm is not on your body be sure to store it in a secure place, a gun safe. GunVault offers a wide variety of quick access biometric safes to keep your gun and family safe. Call GunVault today at 800-242-1055 or visit us online.

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Biometric Safe Technology

Getting quick access to your gun vault in a bad situation is crucial. The time you spend fumbling around in the dark for your firearm could be the determining factor in these situations. Instead invest in a safe that uses biometric technology. At GunVault, our pistol safes with this technology will help you be prepared for any situation.

What is it?

speedvault drop down quick gun safe

The ideas behind biometrics have been around since the late 1800s when fingerprints began to be collected from criminals to keep track of them in this way. Since then, the ideas behind using fingerprints as identification have become increasingly popular, used as a way to identify a user based completely on their unique fingerprint.

With biometric safes, this fingerprint is used in place or in addition to another lock. With the touch of a finger, your safe will be opened, giving you access to your weapon in a quick and efficient manner. GunVault’s biometric safes are smaller and can be kept in a little space out of the way of where most people are in your home. Keep these safes in your bedroom, where less people are likely to see them. Make sure it is still accessible to you in emergency situations.

Why buy a biometric safe?

If you are looking for a safe for your pistol, a biometric safe is the perfect option for you. There are a few different types to select from. Make your decision based on where you will be keeping the safe, and how many firearms you will be keeping inside. There are different models that can house one pistol, or multiple depending on your needs.

Besides just housing your firearms, these safes can be used to protect your other valuables from wandering hands or eyes. Keep your passport, credit cards, important documentation, cash, and other items inside your biometric safe. You will be the only one who has access to these items, and if you need them in a pinch, it will be a matter of seconds before you gain access. Choose a vault that will fit your needs perfectly.

For those looking to increase the security of their belongings, consider investing in a biometric safe. You will have all the security of a normal safe, with quick and easy access. Visit us at GunVault today to find the best products. We can help you find what works for your situation, and help secure your belongings.

Best Ways to Keep Your Family Safe from Guns

kid learning gun safety

Don’t hide guns, lock them up in a safe

This is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. The first is if you have children in your home. Kids like to get into things, that’s just the way they are and with guns unprotected in the home this could result in dangerous situations. Many people will educate their children on gun safety and feel comfortable having guns unlocked around their home. This leads to the next big reason they need to be locked up, visitors. If you have company over that is not educated on guns they need to be secured in a safe. Your children may be educated on gun safety but there is no guarantee that other children are. Depending on the people who are in and out of your home; relatives, housekeepers, neighbors, etc. makes it vital that your guns remain secure from them. Keep the keys to the safe hidden in a place that cannot be reached by children. If there is a combo to be entered do not give it to anyone unless they have your full trust or firearm training.

Educate your children

When educating your children about guns, take the topic seriously, they will react to the gravity in your voice. Firearms real or fake fascinate young boys and girls. Children typically play with fake guns which makes teaching them about the difference between real and pretend vital. It is important to teach them when they are young that guns are not toys, they can be dangerous. It is also important to show your children how to act with guns by being a role model; lock up your guns when home, practice safe gun handling, and always take the topic seriously. By starting their education at a young age your children will be better prepared if a situation ever arises. Once you feel they are old enough, practice gun safety and training with them as well. They will be less likely to sneak into your things or mishandle guns if they have been demystified. The first and most crucial lesson to teach them is the four steps to take if they see a gun:

1. Stop what you are doing.
2. Do not touch the gun.
3. Leave the area you are in.
4. Tell an adult right away.

Protecting our families is one of the primary reasons we purchase firearms, don’t let accidents happen in your home. Make sure you take the necessary actions of locking up your gun when it is not being used or on you, and teaching your children about gun safety. For any questions about vaults or help choosing one that is right for your family, feel free to call us at (800) 242-1055.

A Safe From GunVault Saves California Man’s Life

You know that keeping your handgun in a quick-access safe is the smart thing to do, but did you know that gun safes just might save your life someday? A California man (whom we’ll call J) recently found this out the hard way when a violent gang of youths forced their way into his home during broad daylight.

What Happened

This Gun customer had recently purchased a Multi-Vault Quick-Access gun safe just prior to the birth of his daughter. J chose this vault because it was small enough to keep on his bedside table and provided total safety for his child and other family members; yet it also provided immediate access to his handgun should he ever need it in a crisis. Little did he know that this crisis would come sooner than he ever imagined.

J just happened to be home in the middle of the day when he heard a loud pounding on his front door. Through the window he saw that it was a suspicious-looking stranger whom he didn’t know doing all the knocking; so J crept upstairs and quickly removed his .45 from his Gun Vault safe. As soon as he came back downstairs, the front door burst open and a 6’tall, 200 pound armed man came into his home. J immediately brandished his own weapon and yelled for the intruder to get down. The man fled while J shot at him repeatedly with his .45. Because J had the presence of mind to keep shooting, the intruder never had a chance to fire his own weapon and ran off. Because of the incident with J, the gang was later caught by police.

What J Has to Say About His Gun Vault Safe

J wrote a letter to Gun Vault telling us what happened and said the following:

“This product saved my life, and I am pleased to write this [letter]. My hope in [writing my story] is to make people aware of the need for quick access in gun securing. I believe that any other product out there would have taken me longer to access my weapon.”

The safety and well-being of your family are too important to leave to chance. With quick-access gun safes from you can keep your loaded weapon where you can get to it fast without compromising your family’s day-to-day safety. Hopefully, a story like J’s will never happen to you; but if it does, with the right gun safe: you’ll be ready.

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