Biometric technology has been advancing steadily in the past couple of years, taking the place of some other common means of security and convenience. The safe is just one of these places biometrics is making an impact. Take a look at how biometric safes and combination safes differ, and what this means for you in terms of which safe to invest in.


While most biometric safes also have an option for key or combination lock, we will look only at the biometric part of the safe in comparison with these other popular types of safes. The first and most obvious difference in the biometric safe is the way it can be accessed. A biometric safe will use your fingerprint to open. This technology recognizes your unique fingerprint and opens the safe once it has been scanned. The safe’s technology can recognize a number of different fingerprints, allowing you to choose who enters your safe. With a lock or combination, those with a key or knowledge of the combination can enter the safe.


Because the technology is still being developed and improved, biometric safes are currently more expensive than the other two. This too depends on the size and durability of the safe. This cost difference may remain the same because the biometric safe offers a more advanced protection. This secure means of keeping others out will also be a means of never getting yourself locked out.


One of the most important things to consider with a safe is how fast you can access your firearm. In an emergency situation, this very well could be a matter of life and death. A biometric safe will give you faster access than any other safe as all you need is your finger to open it. In a situation where stress may be a great factor, this is the obvious best option.

The idea of who can access the safe is important to consider as well. With a combination lock, some may have the ability to crack it. With a key, misplacing can give people direct access. A biometric lock gives you the chance to designate exactly who you want to have access. Only those who have scanned their finger under your direction can open a biometric safe, keeping your belongings better protected.

Take into account all factors before choosing the best type of safe for you. In addition to cost, look into the security it will bring, and the ease of use.