Getting quick access to your gun vault in a bad situation is crucial. The time you spend fumbling around in the dark for your firearm could be the determining factor in these situations. Instead invest in a safe that uses biometric technology. At GunVault, our pistol safes with this technology will help you be prepared for any situation.

What is it?

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The ideas behind biometrics have been around since the late 1800s when fingerprints began to be collected from criminals to keep track of them in this way. Since then, the ideas behind using fingerprints as identification have become increasingly popular, used as a way to identify a user based completely on their unique fingerprint.

With biometric safes, this fingerprint is used in place or in addition to another lock. With the touch of a finger, your safe will be opened, giving you access to your weapon in a quick and efficient manner. GunVault’s biometric safes are smaller and can be kept in a little space out of the way of where most people are in your home. Keep these safes in your bedroom, where less people are likely to see them. Make sure it is still accessible to you in emergency situations.

Why buy a biometric safe?

If you are looking for a safe for your pistol, a biometric safe is the perfect option for you. There are a few different types to select from. Make your decision based on where you will be keeping the safe, and how many firearms you will be keeping inside. There are different models that can house one pistol, or multiple depending on your needs.

Besides just housing your firearms, these safes can be used to protect your other valuables from wandering hands or eyes. Keep your passport, credit cards, important documentation, cash, and other items inside your biometric safe. You will be the only one who has access to these items, and if you need them in a pinch, it will be a matter of seconds before you gain access. Choose a vault that will fit your needs perfectly.

For those looking to increase the security of their belongings, consider investing in a biometric safe. You will have all the security of a normal safe, with quick and easy access. Visit us at GunVault today to find the best products. We can help you find what works for your situation, and help secure your belongings.