kid learning gun safety

Don’t hide guns, lock them up in a safe

This is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. The first is if you have children in your home. Kids like to get into things, that’s just the way they are and with guns unprotected in the home this could result in dangerous situations. Many people will educate their children on gun safety and feel comfortable having guns unlocked around their home. This leads to the next big reason they need to be locked up, visitors. If you have company over that is not educated on guns they need to be secured in a safe. Your children may be educated on gun safety but there is no guarantee that other children are. Depending on the people who are in and out of your home; relatives, housekeepers, neighbors, etc. makes it vital that your guns remain secure from them. Keep the keys to the safe hidden in a place that cannot be reached by children. If there is a combo to be entered do not give it to anyone unless they have your full trust or firearm training.

Educate your children

When educating your children about guns, take the topic seriously, they will react to the gravity in your voice. Firearms real or fake fascinate young boys and girls. Children typically play with fake guns which makes teaching them about the difference between real and pretend vital. It is important to teach them when they are young that guns are not toys, they can be dangerous. It is also important to show your children how to act with guns by being a role model; lock up your guns when home, practice safe gun handling, and always take the topic seriously. By starting their education at a young age your children will be better prepared if a situation ever arises. Once you feel they are old enough, practice gun safety and training with them as well. They will be less likely to sneak into your things or mishandle guns if they have been demystified. The first and most crucial lesson to teach them is the four steps to take if they see a gun:

1. Stop what you are doing.
2. Do not touch the gun.
3. Leave the area you are in.
4. Tell an adult right away.

Protecting our families is one of the primary reasons we purchase firearms, don’t let accidents happen in your home. Make sure you take the necessary actions of locking up your gun when it is not being used or on you, and teaching your children about gun safety. For any questions about vaults or help choosing one that is right for your family, feel free to call us at (800) 242-1055.