Owning a gun and keeping it securely stored is important, but so too is quick access when you need it. Having easy access to your weapon is as important as keeping it secure in a gun safe. The GunVault speedvault is the perfect safe for quick access. This safe is both discreet and effective at keeping your gun securely at the ready.

Gun storage is often a balance of keeping these valuable items safe while also ensuring that you have quick access when you really need it. There are advantages and disadvantages to this balance, but with a GunVault safe you never have to compromise security for speed in access or vice versa.

A Quicker Draw

The speedvault is the ideal gun safe for an office or bedroom for its simple design and ease of access. Biometric technology in safes is one of the most efficient methods of securing weapons and ensuring quick access. The benefits of a speedvault lie largely in having the peace of mind knowing some of your most valuable possessions are both locked and at the ready.

A biometric lock provides this knowledge while always guaranteeing the fastest access possible. For a portable, easily mounted primary or supplemental gun safe, nothing is more effective than a speed vault.

There are items that belong in a large security vault safe and there are items like personal handguns that need to be available in an instant, while also remaining securely stored. The most effective method of satisfying both is to utilize a speedvault. There is no reason not to invest in a gun safe, especially if speed of access is what is keeping you from purchasing a safe. With a speedvault, you get the perfect balance of security and accessibility.