No safe is complete without certain accessories to compliment the security, storage capacity, and the general upkeep of the safe. Items like dehumidifiers, safe lights, and panel storage are good items to have on your safe. For large vault safes these accessories can be particularly useful. In large safes that air infrequently opened, humidity can be a problem and the moisture can accumulate on guns and other items, potentially leading to rust, mildew, and corrosion over time.

When you invest in a safe, you are also investing in preserving the contents of your safe. External damages are not the only threats to your safe and the valuables within it; things like excessive humidity are real risks to the preservation of many important items inside the safe. Here are some useful safe accessories.


There are different types of dehumidifiers for safes, but the basic operational principle is the same–to eradicate excessive moisture buildup inside the safe to help preserve the contents. Dehumidifiers can provide a low, consistent temperature to keep guns and other valuables protected. Some varieties of dehumidifier can signal when the dehumidifier is saturated and needs reactivating. These are important accessories to keep rust, mildew, and condensation from degrading your valuables.

Door Panel Kit

For additional storage, a door panel kit is a great option for your safe. These can be used for storing handguns without having to drill anything. When you have handguns to store in the safe alongside large guns, ammunition, and other items, having the additional storage space along the backside of the door is beneficial. The Cannon door panel pistol kit is easy to hook with velcro and can accommodate multiple handguns. For an easy, affordable door storage accessory, this door panel kit is a great option.

Safe Security Light

These lights easily mount above the lock of the safe to facilitate access in darkness or low light. Cannon security safe light is attached magnetically to the door of the safe and has a two minute lighting cycle and push button operation. These types of lights are helpful safe accessories when you need to access your safe quickly at night. Simply push the button, activate the light, and quickly unlock the safe.