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A Safe From GunVault Saves California Man’s Life

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A Safe From GunVault Saves California Man’s Life

You know that keeping your handgun in a quick-access safe is the smart thing to do, but did you know that gun safes just might save your life someday? A California man (whom we’ll call J) recently found this out the hard way when a violent gang of youths forced their way into his home during broad daylight.

What Happened

This Gun customer had recently purchased a Multi-Vault Quick-Access gun safe just prior to the birth of his daughter. J chose this vault because it was small enough to keep on his bedside table and provided total safety for his child and other family members; yet it also provided immediate access to his handgun should he ever need it in a crisis. Little did he know that this crisis would come sooner than he ever imagined.

J just happened to be home in the middle of the day when he heard a loud pounding on his front door. Through the window he saw that it was a suspicious-looking stranger whom he didn’t know doing all the knocking; so J crept upstairs and quickly removed his .45 from his Gun Vault safe. As soon as he came back downstairs, the front door burst open and a 6’tall, 200 pound armed man came into his home. J immediately brandished his own weapon and yelled for the intruder to get down. The man fled while J shot at him repeatedly with his .45. Because J had the presence of mind to keep shooting, the intruder never had a chance to fire his own weapon and ran off. Because of the incident with J, the gang was later caught by police.

What J Has to Say About His Gun Vault Safe

J wrote a letter to Gun Vault telling us what happened and said the following:

“This product saved my life, and I am pleased to write this [letter]. My hope in [writing my story] is to make people aware of the need for quick access in gun securing. I believe that any other product out there would have taken me longer to access my weapon.”

The safety and well-being of your family are too important to leave to chance. With quick-access gun safes from you can keep your loaded weapon where you can get to it fast without compromising your family’s day-to-day safety. Hopefully, a story like J’s will never happen to you; but if it does, with the right gun safe: you’ll be ready.

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