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5 Rules of Safe Gun Handling Part 2

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5 Rules of Safe Gun Handling Part 2

Last week we posted the first 5 rules of safe gun handling. Here are the final five that round off the top ten list. Following these steps when dealing with your firearm will help keep you and those around you safe, no matter the situation.

Be Cautious if the Gun Doesn’t Fire After the Trigger is Pulled

If you pull the trigger and nothing happens, be cautious. Continue pointing the muzzle in a safe direction and keep your face away. Open the action carefully, taking out the cartridge that didn’t fire. Dispose of the cartridge safely. Don’t forget that even though the cartridge didn’t fire, your gun is still loaded and should be treated as such.

Wear the Proper Protection

Anytime you go shooting, you must wear the proper ear and eye protection. The noise that comes from shooting can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Many things while shooting can damage your eyes including twigs, clay target chips, falling shot, and even a problem that causes the rupture of a firearm case. Continue wearing the safety glasses while cleaning your weapon as well.

Keep the Barrel Clear

Prior to loading your firearm, open the action. Check here to ensure there is no ammunition left in the magazine or in the chamber. This includes excess lubricating oil, mud, or snow. Each of these things can cause problems with the barrel while firing, in worst case scenarios causing it to burst. If something doesn’t feel right while you are firing, stop immediately and safely check the barrel by opening the action.

Don’t Alter Your Gun

Your firearm is a complicated device. Its design has been put together by experts who have a deeper understanding of the inner workings. Never try to make alterations on your own. Not only will this void the warranty it might have had, but additionally it could potentially make your gun dangerous to use. Make sure you schedule regular inspections and maintenance checks to ensure your firearm is properly functioning.

Learn Your Firearm

Every firearm is unique from the caliber to the manufacturer. When you purchase yours, make sure to become familiar with it on a number of different levels. Practice the safety features, take the gun apart and clean it, and practice shooting with it in a safe location. These things will be crucial making sure you are always in control of the firearm.

Now you know all ten of the rules for safe gun handling. Make sure to follow all these when dealing with your weapon, protecting yourself and those around you no matter the circumstances.

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