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10 Great Reasons Why You Should Store Firearms In a Safe

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10 Great Reasons Why You Should Store Firearms In a Safe

News stories about accidental shootings in the home are heart-breaking, but they are an unfortunate by-product of Americans’ love affair with their firearms. Guns are, of course, dangerous weapons: especially if they fall into the wrong hands. Keeping yours secure inside a gun safe when they are not in use just makes good common sense. But safeguarding children is not the only reason why gun safes in the home are a great idea; here are 10 other great reasons why today’s gun safes are a sound investment.

1. A large gun safe is extremely heavy and virtually impossible for thieves to move unless they have special equipment.

2. Today’s gun safes come in all shapes and sizes, including miniature ones. All are difficult to break into but are a cinch for owners to open quickly and easily: they allow you to keep your gun accessible while not endangering family members.

3. They protect your investment. If you are an antique firearms collector, you want to be sure that your guns are kept in a secure place.

4. Most gun safes are water- and fire-damage proof, so even if your home is hit by fire, flood, or tornado, your firearms will be OK.

5. Many large gun safes are finely crafted pieces of furniture that will look attractive in virtually any style home.

6. Many states have gun storage laws in place: having a safe in your home will help you to stay in compliance.

7. If you invest in a large gun safe you will have room to store not only your firearms but also other expensive and important valuables.

8. Today’s technologies offer a range of options when it comes to locking and unlocking your safe. Whether you prefer mechanical or super fast electronic locks, you’ve got choices!

9. By keeping one or more gun safes in your home, you are practicing the highest degree of responsible firearm ownership.

10. You will have greater peace of mind when you go to sleep at night.

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