SVB 500

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SpeedVault Biometric

SVB 500

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Get Added Security with this Quick Access Gun Safe

The SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric is the ideal quick access gun safe if you want to quickly and effectively secure your handgun. This fingerprint handgun safe’s revolutionary design and discreet feel makes it a great fit for both your home and business. Get that added bit of security you’re looking for with the SVB500 SpeedVault Biometric.

Features include:

  • Biometric fingerprint scanner & activation button. Holds up to 20 individual fingerprints
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 18-gauge steel construction
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Backup override key included

Download the SVB500 User Manual


For maximum efficiency, GunVault recommends using an all alkaline battery (Duracell or Energizer) with an expiration date of 5 years in the future for all products. 


SVB 500SVB 500 SV 500SV 500
Gauge 18 18
Exterior Product Dimensions
HxWxD (inc. keypad and lock)
6½" x 3½" x 13" 6½" x 3½" x 13"
Interior Product Dimensions 2¼" x 5¾" x 8½" 2¼" x 5¾" x 8½"
Weight Of Item 7 7
Hold # of Unique Fingerprints 20 N/A
# of User-Selectable Access Codes N/A Over 12 Million
Mountable? Yes Yes
Protective Foam Liner? Yes Yes
Spring Loaded Door? No No
Audio Low Battery Warning? Yes Yes
LED Low Battery Warning? Yes Yes
Interior Courtesy Light? Yes Yes
Motion Detector With Audio Alarm? No No
Tamper Indicator? No Yes
Computer Block Access After
Repeated Invalid Entries?
No Yes
Security Cable Included? No No
Backup Override Key? Yes Yes
1,500 Lb Security Cable Usable? No No
External AC Power Supply? No No
Battery Type & Quantity 9v - 1 9v - 1
Batteries Included? No No
California DOJ Approved? Yes Yes


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Customer Reviews

Review by Tiffany R:
I have had the bio vault now for a little over three months and so far it has worked flawlessly. It has plenty of memory for tons of fingerprints so I just programmed all 10 of my fingers into it and the matter what finger I use it has worked perfect. The key is just to make sure that you swipe the fingerprint reader with the same part of the finger every time.
(Posted on 7/11/14)
Review by Marqei:
Received the safe yesterday. Reviewed one YouTube video on installation and it was done in 30 minutes. Simple and straightforward. Thankful it was what I was expecting as well.

When I removed the safe from the packaging, the tray bumper fell out along with the two screws that were to hold the tray bumper bracket in place but were stripped. The only way that could happen (IMHO) is if the bumper bracket had been hit by something. Does not functionally affect the operation of the safe.

Called the warranty phone number and Helen set me up to get two replacement screws in 3-5 working days. She also completed the registration of my safe on line. The registration required the safe serial number (on the inside on the battery cover) and the key number (on the key lock face - where you insert the key). The key number on the key itself was different depending on how you held the key so the number on the lock itself was the correct one.

As stated in the manual, the screws provided to mount the bracket are for wood only. The good news is that they are not long enough to penetrate the side of a side table and into the drawer. So if you want a sturdier mount, get longer screws or bolts/nuts. Simple option.

Very happy with the safe. Operates exactly as expected. Hope I never have to use it in earnest but feel very confident that I can. In the meantime, I also feel it will keep the gun locked up and away from unauthorized personnel (e.g., kids and grandkids).

Highly recommend this safe for what it does.

UPDATE: Contacted Cannon Safe about the stripped screws. They could not send me two new screws but they sent me a replacement safe! Out with the old and in with the new into the packaging and slapped the return shipping label (provided) and returned it the next day. Can't ask for better Customer service. Thanks Helen.
(Posted on 7/11/14)
Review by E Steinbeck:
What can I say? Get this safe, or some other one, and secure your weapon. This one really works and is worth every single penny. You need to install it correctly, per easy to follow instructions. Additionally I fixed a braided cable to this unit and attached that to the bed frame for additional security. This is very easy to access even in the dark and you always know where it is. Do not hesitate, GET THIS OR SOME OTHER SAFE AND SECURE ALL WEAPONS. Sorry don't mean to yell or be preachy, everyone, of course, should determine their own needs and methods.
(Posted on 7/9/14)
Review by KRooZ89:
After getting over the fear of drilling into my nightstand (or really what my wife would think of me drilling new furniture) I went ahead and bought this safe. Very easy to install. Must be sturdy surface no thin wood. Installed safe and enrolled finger prints. I was concerned about having to make the perfect swipe to open safe. For me this is not the case. I can just swipe without much effort to be perfect and it pops open. Its great. I was excited to get the safe now I'm even more excited by how well it works for me. I have not had it for long but the initial impressions are really good. Even if it does not take your print the first time its really quick to rescan. You don't have to wait, just immediately re swipe your finger and it opens. I only know this by forcing a rejection. I have not had any actual rejections. I'm currently keeping a 9mm Sig P226 in this safe. It fits fine.
(Posted on 7/9/14)