FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install my battery?

The battery is installed the same way for all GV1000 and GV2000 models.

  1. Open Unit door and put keys away (not inside the unit).

  2. Carefully place the unit upside down.

  3. Remove the interior shelf (only found on the GV2000 models) and pull the bottom foam forward starting from the bottom back of the unit slowly and carefully so as not to tear off (note that the unit is upside down so the top is now the bottom).

  4. Find the battery cable with the positive (+) and negative (-) guides.

  5. Plug in battery.

  6. The battery will be inserted into hooks with the battery name facing you and the battery cables and plug on the right hand side . First insert the top portion of the battery slightly and use it to pull the hook up while pushing in the rest of the battery.

    The battery cables must be placed in the same direction as the image below to avoid any battery malfunction.

    (below is an inside view seen from the inside looking out)

How do I program my GunVault?

Reprograming GV1000-2000STD/DLX

For Standard and Deluxe as long as you can open the unit you are able to change the combination. It can be changed back to the factory 1-2-3-4 or it can be customized to whatever you want as long as it meets that criteria (must be 3-6 entries and an entry can be a single or multiple button press).

Make sure you have installed a battery on the unit.

  1. Open the unit.

  2. Find the learn button located on the roof of the unit in the middle of the circle cut out (for deluxe models there will be two circles, one for the light and the other for the learn button.)

  3. Press and hold the learn button for approximately 2 seconds. The unit will beep once and the light will flash red once and remain green. Press in your chosen combination (make sure it meets the criteria above).

  4. Press and hold the learn button again for approximately 2 seconds. The unit will beep once and the light will remain red. Re-enter the same combination.

  5. Press and hold the learn button one last time for another 2 seconds OR until you see the unit flash green 5 times and beep 5 times.

How do I install my GunVault?

SpeedVault Installation (SV500 and SVB500)

  1. Select a location to mount the unit.

    IMPORTANT: The SpeedVault® uses gravity to drop drawer open and will need enough space in front of the unit to open fully.

  2. Secure the “Mounting Bracket” to the desired location using the “Wall Mounting Holes” and the wood screws.

    IMPORTANT: Mounting screws provided are for solid wood surface only. If mounting to another surface type, drywall, cement, and etc, the appropriate hardware can purchased through a local hardware store.

  3. Keep the unit closed, remove thumb screws at the bottom of the unit (use of pliers is recommended). After removing thumbscrews, remove the bracket.

  4. Place the SpeedVault on a flat surface and use the key to unlock the unit, pull of the drawer off separating it completely from the unit.

  5. The battery tray is on the roof of the inside of the unit, open the battery tray door and plug in a 9V battery. Close the battery tray door.

  6. Align the shell of the unit to the “Mounting Bracket” using the “Hook Mounting Holes” as a guide. Secure using the 3 thumb screws turning them clockwise until tight.

  7. Reinstall the drawer on the unit by replacing the bracket and two “Thumbscrews”.

  8. The SpeedVault is now ready to be used.

    IMPORTANT: You must register fingerprints or combination, the unit is sold at factory default and pressing the activator button or the combination 1-2-3-4 will open the unit.

What guns can I fit in my Gunvault?

Visit our Pistol to Product Guide to learn what guns would fit into your Gunvault.

How can I get a replacement key?

First you need to make sure you have the key number (since we use so many different lock and keys, you cannot order a key unless you know what key number is needed for your unit). You can find out the key number by looking at the number engraved on the locking area as shown below.

To order a replacement key, download the form below and save it to your desktop. It is an editable PDF file. Complete it on your computer, save it again and email it to keyreplacement@gunvault.com

Replacement-Key-Order-Form.pdf (900 KB)

Where do I find the Serial Number to my GunVault?

MiniVault and MultiVault Serial Number

You can find the serial number of the unit by opening the product and lifting the foam on the bottom of the unit.

What do I need to get a refund or replacement safe?

Prior to approval of a return or replacement we will require a receipt or proof of purchase.