Why You Should Take A Concealed Carry Course With Your Spouse

Did you know that carrying a concealed handgun in public is permitted in all 50 states as of 2013? Carrying a gun whether concealed or not tends to be a controversial topic, but it shouldn’t be. Guns are for protection, simple as that, and there will not always be other people around to protect us. There is no better person to take care of you than you and that is the root of why having a concealed carry permit is important.

When it comes to gun ownership, training courses, and ccw permits, men tend to outnumber women. This may be adding to the stereotype women feel about guns being a predominantly male phenomenon and leading to some wives and daughters to say “Guns scare me”. For the safety or your home and family, this is a reality that needs to be changed and the best way to do so is alongside a trusted loved one like a spouse. A gun is a tool that if properly used and contained can be beneficial to have in the home and with you in public.

Why take a course with your spouse?

  • Change any fears you have with your firearm into confidence.
  • Feel confident with your ability and your partners to operate a firearm.
  • Learn basic firearm safety together, even if you don’t plan to carry.
  • You will feel much more comfortable having firearms in your home and being around them if you have experience using them and know the laws.
  • Know your rights in the courtroom incase it ever comes to that situation.
  • Be able to protect yourself and your spouse by knowing your responsibilities and rights.
  • Learn the serious consequences associated with carrying and operating your firearm.
  • Being proficient as a couple with your firearms.

Benefits to having a concealed carry permit:

  • Put police officers at ease.
  • Educate firearm owners on laws that could save their lives.
  • To help when openly carrying around uninformed people.
  • Make it easier to buy firearms.
  • Allow firearm owners to carry in more public places.

What will I be taught?

  • Firearm safety.
  • Mental preparation.
  • Developing your defensive shooting skills.
  • Strategies to avoid, evade, detour confrontation or attacks.
  • How to carry and present your firearm from concealment.
  • Firearm self-defense and the law.
  • Selecting ammunition and accessories for best personal protection.
  • Methods of concealing and accessing your firearm safely.
  • How to deal with and prepare for defensive shooting aftermath.

When leaving a gun at home make sure it is secured when you are inside and outside of the house. Similar to a sharp knife or hot stove, guns can be dangerous if not used and stored properly. Make sure you lock your firearm somewhere burglars (or children) won’t think to look and be sure it is locked in a reliable gun safe. If you are in the market for a quick access safe that is both secure and reliable, browse our GunVault products in our online shop or in person at one of our hundreds of resellers. If you’re stumped, call or contact us online. We can answer any questions you may have or make recommendations!

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