Why should a GunVault safe be your next important purchase?

passport social cash
We all know that for the last 20 years GunVault has been the industry innovator and leader in gun safes and security solutions, but GunVault safes store a secret that many may not know about: GunVault safes are perfect for storing and protecting you and your family’s valuables from theft.

You know GunVault and the firearm securities that we offer, but did you know that there is more to our safes than safely and perfectly storing your gun?  GunVault safes secure your life, for life.

What can I keep in a GunVault safe?

  • Passports, visas, birth certificates and social security cards
  • Medical information, prescriptions or medical records
  • Investment, retirement and bank information
  • Family and personal wills or heirs of estate
  • Contact information and records
  • Memories, keepsakes and photo albums
  • Computer and hard drive back-ups
  • Valuables and expensive belongings of worth
  • Cannon Safes protect your livelihood
  • Ultimately store the tool that can lead to protecting you and your family – your firearm

GunVault – a brilliant investment.

GunVault safes are guaranteed for as long as you own them.  Each safe has a lifetime warranty and can even protect you from yourself.  If you ever lock yourself out of your safe, GunVault will pay the cost to reopen it so you can retrieve what’s most valuable to you.

Let GunVault protect your life’s important belongings so you can concentrate on protecting those around you.