Which Safe is Right for Me?

A secure yet easily-accessible gun safe is necessary for any gun owner. However, with a wide variety of safes to choose from, it can be hard to know which is right for you. Here are just a few things to consider when selecting your safe:

  1. Is portability a priority? GunVault safes provide premium portability, making them useful both at home and on the go. At just 86 cubed inches, the Nanovault 100 is the most compact, travel-friendly gun safe. The Nanovault can fit easily and discreetly in a briefcase, bag, or beneath a vehicle seat.
  2. How much storage space will you need? If you need to store more than just your firearm, the Multi or Multi Deluxe model may be the right fit for you. Checking in at 475 cubic inches, the Multi allows you to store a variety of valuables, including important documents, watches, jewelry, and more!
  3. How important is ease of access? GunVault safes represent the cutting edge in accessibility. Our patented No-Eyes technology allows you to quickly find and use the combination keypad even in the dark.
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