Where Should I Keep My Handguns?

When considering where to keep your guns, there are many options to choose from. Whether you are walking down the street, in your car, or at home, the main concerns to keep in mind are accessibility and conceal-ability. The state you live in, if you have small children, and the specific situation you are in also factor into where you should keep your guns.

To help you decide where the best and worst places to keep your gun or guns, keep reading.


On Person

How you carry your gun is crucial especially if you plan to carry it on your body. Gun owners generally carry guns on them for personal protection. Before you do so, ensure that you are prepared and understand the common mistakes when carrying a concealed weapon. Once you are fully informed, here are some ways to carry a gun on you:

Waist holster- A waist holster is the most recommended way to carry a gun because they are easy to get to, generally quite easy to conceal, and quite comfortable. There are different types for inside-the-pant (for more concealing) and waist holsteroutside-the-pant (for more comfort).
Pocket- Carrying a gun in your jacket pocket has both its pros and cons. The obvious pro is that it is easy to get to. However, it isn’t highly concealable which may frighten others. Also, it can easily fall out of a pocket which can be extremely dangerous.
Shoulder holster- This type of holster is used by many but poses many obstacles. It is easy to access, however, it is hard to conceal unless you wear a baggy jacket and it is less comfortable.
Purse- Many women have been known to carry their gun in a purse. This should be avoided. First of all, purses target robbers and children. They also typically have various miscellaneous things in the purse which could make it difficult to find the gun when you need it most. Lastly, when it’s being stored in the purse, small objects can easily get into the gun which can keep it from functioning properly if at all. Unless you plan on purchasing a purse specifically for carrying a gun, we highly recommend steering away from this option.


In a Vehicle

When it comes to travelling with your gun in a vehicle, there are a few recommended places to keep your gun. Keep in mind that laws differ across states. Many people keep their guns on them when they are travelling but when it comes to storing it in the vehicle when you are on federal free-fire zones or other places you don’t want to take your gun, proper storage is needed. Here are some places that portable gun cases or gun safes can be kept when travelling or storing it in a vehicle:

Under the seat- Keeping your firearm in a portable gun case under your seat or the passenger seat is beneficial because it is clear of view but also easy to get to. Burglars generally don’t look under the seat first.
Glove compartment- The glove compartment is a good place to keep your safe in the sense that it is also easy to access. However, this is a location where many burglars look first. Therefore, keeping it locked and secure is crucial.
Center console- Similar to under the seat and the glove compartment, storing your firearm in the center console is beneficial in the sense that it is very easy to access. But keep in mind that the center console cannot be locked like a glove compartment so burglars and children can get their hands on it easily.
Trunk- If you are merely transporting your firearm from one location to the next and aren’t carrying it in your vehicle for self-defense, the best location for your firearm is in a safe in the trunk.


At Home

Most gun owners keep their gun in their homes. If this is the case for you, here are some options for where you can keep your guns:

Nightstand- The nightstand is one of the most common places to keep a gun for good reason. This is the one con associated with this option because burglars know it’s a common area to keep them. Regardless, keeping your gun safe in the nightstand is the best option if you want to have quick access to your gun within an arm’s reach while sleeping. Also, guests and children generally stay away from this area.arm nightstand
Closet- If you have many guns, the bedroom closet is a great place to keep them. It is also a location that is quite easy to get to during the night in case of any emergencies. There are many ways to keep your gun in your closet such as hiding them on hangers behind clothing or keeping them in a vault-like safe.
By the front door- When you are anywhere in the house and come across a strange knock on the door or a sign that there is an intruder on your property, a gun by your front door can come in handy. The difficult part with this is figuring out how to best conceal the gun. A few options are hidden safes, in the coat closet, or under the couch.

No matter where you keep your handgun, remember that you are responsible for the gun and anything that happens to it so ensuring that it is secure is critical. Investing in a gun safe will give you the security and accessibility you and your family needs.