What the “AR” in “AR-15″ Really Stands For

The AR-15 is commonly known as one of America’s most popular rifles, therefore it comes as a surprise that its name is still so widely misinterpreted. Despite the prevalent reference as the “assault rifle” the AR in the AR-15 actually stands for ArmaLite. In the 1950’s, a company by the name of ArmaLite designed and developed the very first AR rifle. Years later in 1959, ArmaLite sold its rights to one of the leading names in the gun industry: Colt. Colt preserved the AR name, however they modified various aspects and marketed the rifle for military use by reissuing it as the fully automatic M16 rifle. Eventually, Colt developed the AR-15 as the semi automatic for civilian operation. The ambiguity amidst the M16 and the AR-15 blurs the understanding of these rifles even though the internal mechanisms between them are quite different. The modern ability for civilians to customize and modify the AR-15 has generated high approval and support from gun owners in the hunting and sport shooting communities.

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